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Issues Involved

Part of the strategy involved in the decision process, is looking at the Pros and Cons of seeting up a website. Usually it will highlight weaknesses in the initial concept and allow the webmaster to make informed decisions on whether to continue the project or scrap the idea.

Most of the time, websites are created on the spur of the moment and they end up as white elephants; which distort the public image of the organisation or they create an unnecessary strain on the organisational resources.

Reasons For Having A Website

Create a global presence for the organisation
Allows easy access to information
Collect feedback 24 hours a day

There is, in fact, another reason for having a web site that, strangely enough, also qualifies as a reason not to have a web site.

Everyone has one


Reasons For Not Having A Website

No need for an Internet presence
Extra expenses due to training and redeployment of staff
Long term responsibility as the site must be updated

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