this is a public service announcement to remind everyone to read bulletins before they sign them and maybe, if its not too hard, research things too. this is a copy of a petition that i saw being passed around and i went to read the presidents public announce mt and found that it DOSE NOT EXIST. (thats dose not exist like the president did not make an announcement and this is a complete work of fiction) well i hope this makes its way around faster than that petition. lets see how many people we can get this to. repost it if your annoyed, enraged, pissed, surprised, or even enlightened and would like to spread the word.

-------start petitition copy-------
President Bush has just made a public announcment about homosexuality on CBS as of 02/23/05. George Bush is going to put a ban on homosexuals in the media because its "raising the future americans the wrong way" as he states in the interview. If we can get 200 people to sign this petition, we can get this bill not passed. Your help is really needed bad and we would appreciate it if you could sign the petiton to show how much you care. Once you get to 200 signatures, send it to
please make a difference in america! show us that you care!!!
- Right Way Committee of America

1. Jake Thomas (Vacaville, Califonia) ERASE THE HATE!
2. Craig Smith (San Fran, Cali)
3. Emily Townsend (Las Vegad, Nevada)
4. Andre Johnson +Detroit, Michigan+
5. Kimmi Moss |mesa, arizona|
6. Tara Crown (atlanta, geogia)
7. *Marlon Melson* -Mcdonough, Ga- (this shit aint fucking right man)
8.Dylan Bartos-richmond, Va
9. Jessi - Salt Lake City, UT
10. Myke-Fayetteville, NC
12-Lindsay-Baldwin NY
13-Catherine Martin-Massapequa New York
14- Alaina Sammy- Lindenhurst, NY
15- Sean Keane-Hicksville NY
16-Louis Bombardiere-Hicksville NY
17- Samantha Berger-Hickville NY
18 - Ashley M - Hicksville NY
-------end petitition copy-------

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