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The Sitcom

We all remeber the television sitcom entitled Senfeld, named and losely based on the main character comedian Jerry Seinfeld. Well for those of you who either never saw the show or weren't fans of the comedian; the concept was to take common questions, issues, or scenarios and escalate them by analyzing their orgin. The writers challenged the viewers by creating meaningless scenarios and turning them into hilarious escapades. For more on the show click on About the show About nothing.

Analize This

Many viewers became more analytical. Although the show has ended we continue to take the concept and apply it in group discussions, parties, even classrooms. I decided to implement this concept at my monthly "Girls Night Out" discussion group. I soon discovered what started as one question turned into two, three, etc... Not only were we having these discussions my friends would pose the questions to their spouses, friends, and co-workers.

Seinfeld Questions

I started keeping journals of scenarios that we had either already discussed or ideas we would table until the next session. On several occassions I had taken some of the questions to work and as a result we generated a question/response box with our Human Resource Department. A scenario is generated monthly and employees respond with what they deem is the appropriate response/s. I decided to utilize this topic and create a webpage that would eventually evolve into a chat room of the various scenarios posted weekly. I think I will start with this assignment:

Sardines or Gillians Island?

Question: If you had to live in one of the two scenarios which one would you choose?
Choice:To live in a one bedroom apartment with four people or To live alone with the nearest person four hundred miles away.
Your Response: Why did you choose this scenario? (please elaborate)

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