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Durdy Sleevz

Durdy Sleevz is Sacramentos premier up and coming rap group consisting of Dr. Cocktapus and Oxykottonkandie. Our album is on the way.... well not quite but well have more on it soon. Dr. Cocktapus: A pimp who really is living the american dream. He was born in south central LA and was found by his foster mom struggling for life in a dumpster, he then became a jewel thief and retired, he now pimps 3 hoez named champaigne, cupcake, and amanda and is starting a chimney sweep buisness. Oxykottonkandie: Was born in San Jose and saw part of his family murdered while he hid in his aunts closet. Has a girlfriend named Bonquesha and is also a part time pimp. He pimps 4 hoez named precious, julia, maria, and jessica out of a 59' impala but makes most of his money working and ripping off the register at target.

Check out our latest raps below

Dis on that busta the Mdnitebawla
Pimpin' N' Gimpin'