Hey this website thing is fun! this kicks ass!i love chelsea bcz she falls off horses! i love you misha bcz you are you! i love kjirstin bcz she is canadian! Shoutout to allison, you are such a big help!i love you too!go MACK!we sucked today! competitions are NOT our friends.Kassy!!! hey its misha to the site..kassy is hot!! we all no that! well we did suck saturday competiions are really hard i hate them. so i have nothing to say. thats really gay today is sunday tommorrow is monday and i have a lot of homework bye for now, this site ROCKS!!! today it poured and i was soaked! hey, i m still soaked........why you ask? i really dont know....i changed clothes and went back outside.....now that was dumb!!!!!!! i hate people named __________ every 1 of them!!!!!! yucky.....dustin needs to stop touchin me! it scares me :( get away from me! lol kjirstin moves in 4 weeks.......it sucks! PARTY MAY 29th!!! all for kjirstin... we love that canadian. I cant wait untill the party day! there will be no drugs... so Joel is the #1 person that pisses me and kassy off, JOEL IS GAY!!! and so is chris...joel and chris are gay together.SKATEBOARDING KICKS ASS!!it does kick ass misha, just like our website, so i got these problems, yes misha you know what they are.it is REALLY SHITTY! kinda like kjirstin moving!why cant i put spaces in here?????????? it really pisses me off........heymichelle,1111111111110000000000000000000003333333333333333!!!!plus you are hot, everyone knows that......even people who cant see have heard it through the grapevine.....yes i just said heard it through the grapevine, darlin wont you be mine???? it rained today, i knew it twas going to happen.....i'm so physic or more like physco.....that sounds more accurate!i DONT WANT TO GO TO THIS THING TONITE it will be very stupid...very stupid!!!!!!!!! i really am thinking about not going. you are so right they are gay together and it is funny. joel isnt the #1 person that pisses me off but he definately is in my top 10. that kid pisses most ppl off. my birthday is in 3 months oh yeah i will finally be the same age as most ppl in my grade.hey Al, i love your flinker story actually i only read part of it but it is good so far. OMG that pisses me off...i wrote so much more besides skateboarding kicks ass and i did the mood thing what the (pause) hell, this website thing is messed up kassy grr but newayz kassy you are hot too..it also says it in our website WE are hot! lol the awards thing tonight turned out ok..kassy i barly saw you there...i yelled kassy when you went up and when memly went up i was like go memely!!! we love memely...i dont no how to spell it, i hope thats right..i have to go but one last thought ANDY IS SCARY!i think i will tell you about the crappy bus....ok, people fall off it.especially people named ALLISON!she falls off the crappy bus and that is crappy because she is the one and only CRAPPY BUS DRIVER. michelle and i are still riding the crappy bus, even though it doesnt have a crappy bus driver n-e more since allison(the crappy bus driver) fell off. oh, but michelle will fall off the crappy bus soon because i ll push her out the crappy bus emergency exit. then it will be just me on the crappy bus...that will suck so i will jump off the crappy bus.then the crappy bus will crash.CRAP! THE END.so we better not talk about anybody ne more bcz it always seems like they get the website n' get all pissed off. lol. ok just for everyone to know i dont like robert...it is just a little crush. hhmmm i wonder if andy will call me tonite....i m not going to say anything it is just too easy. misha, i just figured out you have this problem with guys' teeth every guy no matter what you think has messed up teeth. what the hell is up with that? we should try to make a LTE....longest something ever. omg misha STOP thinking like that, i know what you are thinking, and you are so wrong.you nasty person. j/k 103! we DO love memely she is the perfect little angel. what the hell is wrong with that? 6:16 p.m. on 5/14 well, he called, just an update. well he's a little stalkerish, it is freaky!!!! but i will be ok i already survived one stalker. Hey everyone its Misha at the hottest website ever!!! Kassy i didnt see the picture of tyson from all american Rejects ahhh he is SOOOOO hottt, yes i did get your message. see, i would call you right now at 5:30 but i cant bcs im in CHICAGO!! ahh didnt see that one coming did you..well its really really gay and its my grandma's birthday oh well soon i will go home..soon newayz you so liike robert kassy that is soo cute omg.. he is weird though and now cocky. lalalalalalal lol i found white out at someone elses computer.,.i wonder what that do with that white out.. OMG THEY SNIF IT my grandma gets high off white out fuck...why did i eat those brownies maybe they have drugs in them damn drug relatives jk lol sry extremly bored my family is way to preppy for that catch ya later kassy....it is later and here i am......BAM!!!!! so yeah, i could go to robert's game tonite but i dont have ne one to go with. and i m sure as hell NOT going by myself!!!!!!thank you dan for being born today so misha cant go with me bcz she has to be with you!!!!! your dumb parents.we went to the game it was a blast gettin hit on by f****n every ugly guy there. ok there is something wrong with some ppl. why is everyone so pissed off? chris is no longer i told him all the shit about being obsessive that i should have told him a long time ago. then he emails me to apologize, oh yeah it was great!!!!!! FINALLY he has stopped being so dense.only 7 days of school left. thank you lord!!!!! i m about to die.andy i think got the whole picture too.yes i like robert just so every1 knows. ALLISON drives the CRAPPY BUS!!!!!i love farm flakes, ya'll should go buy yourself a box. they are yummy! 103!~catch ya later my sexy skater. lol *SASSY KASSY* hello website!! and everyone reading well michelle again aka misha in case all you internet pplz dont no..well kassy you like robert thats cool im happy for you, but i also think its creepy but you dont exactly like my guy choses either so its ok..i would like to say congradulations bcs dan got his license today WOW good job!! well its 10:16 at night im thinking im gonna go to bed but i will catch y'all later robert and i are no more. yucky. i dont like him ne more that only lasted for a few days.ok that might be a lie, you will never know!!!!!hhmmm tttyyyyyttttyyyyyya know we get run over by those c_____s everyday.ok the saying of the week is, "showers are fun, but they are more fun with another person!"aahhhh 3 days left of school. yippie! summer will be awesome!wow we sure talk shit 'bout a lot of ppl. i just now realized that! hay michelle why is everyone in my business? it is not fair! :( i can't stand everyone making judgements about who i "like". when i really don't like that person very much. how does everyone find out? ahhhh it sucks! SASSY KASSY!! hey hey yea ppl do no alot its mostly bcs Robert= dans loser friend which = gay to them but ya no..if you like him thats all that matters..besides its summer soon your not gonna be seeing dan and stuff anymore, OMG lol i cant belive you went up to shawn that is hilarious!! have you ever realized that capture the monkey thing at the top of or website it kicks major ass kassy ass!! who has a nice ass?? hmmm im gonna go with shawn cuz he has nice everything lol but newayz ty ty ty col yea to bad thats not as funny anymore oh well TYSON IS SOOO HOT im glad hes on there how do you put pictures on?? misha has to leave BYE EVERYONE!!! 103 i love tyson! what if he went by tytytytytytyty? COL yep sean's def. got it goin on!!!! i m still glad i told him...it just makes me feel like a load was taken off my shoulders!!! i love the monkey thing. in speech class we were in the computer lab and i went on to our website to show some ppl. then my teacher got mad bcz i wasn't doing my work. why the hell do teachers have to give us homework the day before school gets out? how stupid is that? i really don't like rap....it sucks. rock on! i m going to try to do better with guys and not lead them on....i will not be a whore and lead guys on!!!! that is my resolution for the summer! our text is getting pretty long.... i wonder how long it will take to become an LTE. are you coming over for MACK tommorrow? hhhmmm i will make a list of things i care about (this is all for dickheads named chris) ok here it goes: michelle, and all my friends, zebras, seals, sea lions, candles, fire, platapie(is that the plural for platypus? idk), my parents, and other relatives, cactuses, antelope, snakes(haha), giraffes, computers, music, my drums, cameras, pens, paper clips, clocks, pictures, beds, animal crackers, apples, pizza, egg rolls(only vegetable), soy products, kool-aid, energy drinks, my skateboard, bungee jumping, my atv, tractors, phones, nailpolish, clothes, shoes, thongs, swimsuits, fun colorful socks, belts, my volcom purse, the alphabet, and all hot guys everywhere. well to sum it up i care about everything besides chris......there you go chris i said what you wanted me to say. oh yeah! ok now the list of things i hate: CHRIS. ok i m done! i want a motorcycle. just so everyone knows. misha will you get me one? PLEASE?!!!! 103.~catch ya later! *kass* i like confetti cake it is yummy. omg michelle score that is awesome what you did last night, he is so hot, yep everyone use your imagination..... wow havent been here in awhile!!!!so a lot has happened much of it i will not put online for the whole world to see. kjirstin moved to sc a couple days ago but she called me yesterday and said it was fun. i miss that cocky blonde. haha misha cocky...cock....isaac.....now you are thinking about isaac's lmao that was a great conversation ....fucking awesome to be exact. so guys suck. especially brandon he is so gay, i hate him, he makes out with girls that are five years younger than him,& he is an asshole. but of course i like him......now aint that a bitch? he wont talk to me after i laughed at him for making out with a seventh grader. if you didnt know we are in tenth. not like ne one reads this besides al, misha, and me but whatever. oh i need to make a SHOUTOUT to LINDSEY she is the best, and you dont need amy she is a stuck up little bitch (no offense amy if you are reading this, she and ben can live happily ever after not talking or doing ne thing, those weird ppl)lol. oh and to sara you have been one of my best buds for 6 years and i hope it stays that way.....i love you! and i lof e lindsey but she already nos that. i basically love all of the ppl i talk to. so there i dont leave ne one out. i know how hurt you would be. the crappy bus rocks, i love riding it, as much as allison loves driving it. last week allison, kjirstin n i spent 3 hrs at wal-mart, it was our first night of summer vacation and that is where we spent it. it actually was fun and we have pictures to prove it. i should post some of those on this website.guess what i get to go to a bachelorette party tonite.oh yeah, male strippers.lol. well catch ya'll later! *kass* god this stupid text isnt all showing up. OMG KASSY!! it took me forever to find this damn website...ahhh ok i was typing in everything that i could think of and then i finally did it! be proud kassy just be proud! so yea i miss ya kassy its been a long ass time since i last talk to you..i didnt realize you hated chris so much wow weird.. so kirsten called you frm sc? cool does she like it? yea im gonna go to the mall today and i think your at a wedding i heard it frm sara, i asked about you, hows life? did brandon end up haveing a girlfriend?????????? WOW! SOO !)# thats 103 in shift form cool huh? !)# 103!! CATCH YA L8ter MISHA~ haha i figured out that you cant put those little carrot things in here or the text after that wont show up! we need to skate i havent been out skating forever n we have to holla at allison oh just so everyone nos, the ppl in the pic at the top are from left to right, kassy, misha, n winzee. i miss you!!!!!!!!! 103 OR !)#. no one gets that. if you guys wanna see an awesome skate video with my friend brandon in it go to http://www.dudeswithtudes.com/video/rampage.html ya know there are only a few ppl that actually go to this website anyways. so catch ya later my sexy skater.~sassy kassy wow i m goin to canada in two days!! yippie! wow wuts up g-unit?? im glad your baq frm canada and we are gonna go there our senior year...hottttt skater guys ive heard! lol yea well im at alexs house right now cuz my computar is broken and i cant type anywhere else......103 !)# sooooooo i MISS YOU ALL Frm SKOOL! hi allison and lindsey! sassy kassy i love that picture of us it is soo coolll..i dont really like how i look but w/e CATCH YA LATER KASSy! 103 mmmiiiissshhhhaaaaa! i got to see you yesterday! i missed you so much so i was glad i got to hang out with you last night yippie! this text is getting pretty long, it will be a lte in no time, actually i m lying it is fuckin short. we will never get there! i m gonna put this website on my profile for all to see. that ll get more ppl to go to it! so collin calling me was very strange and awkward. i didn't like it one bit. well so bret, bret, bret....he is a hottie misha i would def. go for him. do it do it!boys suck, dudhhduhduhduhduuduhhduhuduhudhuhudhudhuhudhu. but of course i will always love them. so i hope sara and her wigger get everything figured out bcz he really likes here alot. brandon pisses me off. as always. bye misha 103 or !)# catch ya later*sassy kassy* ah fuck. oh baby it was good i got joe the redneck back SSSOOO good last night at the mercer co. fair he got turned down for the first time in his life.it felt great!i also had the best comebacks for two guys that were workin there. it was a great day.aahhhhh.*SASSY KASSY* hey its misha and my computar is fINALLY fixed YAY!!im soo happy kassy, lol that kinda rymed cooooll so neways summer band sucks...its hard...lol i said sucks and hard in the same sentence. wow you no you thought that to WE ARE SICK KASSY!! lol i just got off the phone with you and well it was fun. your gone now. ok so yea mike he is a player about to get played hehe what the (pause) hell he has a girlFriend what is he thinking dumbass ok so i wanna wish kassy another Happy bIRTHDAY!!! 15 YEARS OLD AHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ok well im gone catch ya l8ter my super sexy sk8ter! omg misha it has been way to long since i wrote on here since that was in august and now it is almost christmas! we have had our drama, aug, sept, oct, novem, and decem, have been the crappiest months ever......deaths, fights, accidents, hospitals, funerals, etc. i m sssoooo glad we are friends again i hope to build our friendship up into what we used to have, i miss it and i miss you! it sucks!!! you are 16 em is 16 lindz is 16 i m still very much 15 and it sux!!!! i m like the baby! lol. well i hope your vows to be a better person go well i think you can do it! i believe in you and will support and help you in whatever ways i can throughout your transformation.....lol it sounds like you are having plastic surgery or sumthing! aahhhhh! well i will catch me sexy skater l8er! 103 michelle! yo yo kass hows it been? yea its been waay to long today we are going to hang out after the basketball game yaya it will be cool! i really want us to be like we use to but its hard cant ya tell, we both have different lives now but we have to try hard..im soo sorry i ever got mad at u for the joel thing but you understand why, i forgive you now and i love you more then ever 103!!! dont worry about being the youngest when we are 50 you will be 49 damn you lol! we should write on this more, yea i just cant wait untill this year is over i really need to improve in skool i dont no whats wrong with me.. well 103 and thanx for being there for me kass. l8ter. why hello there misha you sexy skater well not a skater but still damn sexy lol. you NEED to get your ass to first period and stop being hella lazy!!!! stop....u are sposed to be improving but it has been as bad as ever even without r_____ here. i have lunch with ur boy nathan! i didnt even no but i looked up today and BAM there he was!!!! holy shiznit! lol. boys r so very stupid and upseting, mike and i are starting from scratch i mean square one scratch like introducing ourselves to eachother scratch lol. crazy i know! he said last nite that he really wanted it to work and i agree so i m starting to be not so much of a bitch and he is bein nicer and more respectful. the whole me not complaining thing is gonna drive me crazy! i think i can do it tho. what ru gonna do bout your love life? nathan?? hhmm so difficult! today was a pretty good day but i feel really worn out and tired. we neeeeddd to be best friends again i miss you so so so much it is actually very depressing! i dont no if you feel the same way but that is most def. my opinion! so what are you doing next tues. after iteds? maybe we could do something?! without our cellphones!!!!!! no cellphones for us....those are two fun time ruiners! ok well i g2g do some yoga! fun i no! call me l8er! xoxo 103 sassy kassy!

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