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Welcome to Discohippie Girls, your #1 source for Play! Updates below.
Site Updates:

1/21/04--New layout coming soon! And here's a picture of Janet! Credit to Hardrockchick from the Play message boards for this pic!

She's 13! She took Anna's spot as the youngest! Anais is the wild one, Rosie the crazy one, Anna the cute one, Janet the _______ one? Wonder what she's going to be? Oh yeah, and the new layout will be celebrating Anna's birthday! Oh, and in case you're wondering, the url to the Play message boards is, so you can join! My username there is girlsmind123.

1/20/04--Sorry for the lack of updates again! I was gone all weekend in Colorado. I'm trying as hard as I can to find a host. And if you have filled out a form in like the past two weeks, please don't think I'm ignoring your forms! I have your forms, but I'm just not going to update anything just yet. I bought Annie! The video is so awesome! You can listen to the full song at Play Fan!

1/12/04--Sorry for the lack of updates. You may have noticed that last night I closed the site, and today I reopened it again. I closed it because I am running out of space but I decided to open it again, I just won't be able to add anymore graphics until I get us hosted. Right now I'm working on the Official Hard Knock Life Fanlisting (you can check a clip of the video and song at Play Mania! It's soo cool! And I'm also working on the Official Honey to the Bee Fanlisting! So, maybe more updates tomorrow, I'm busy tomorrow, so we'll see. There will definately be some updates on Wednesday, though...Well, don't forget to go buy Annie tomorrow!

1/9/04--We're back! Hope you love the iframes! Hopefully, we'll get more hits now! And I think I've finally got the jig of Photoshop! Did you see the enter sign? I made it! It's my best graphic ever!