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Dana's Life

My name is Dana. I am 16 and a Jr at Red Oak High School in Red Oak, Texas. I am on the Drumline, and play 3rd Bass. I go to First baptist Church Red Oak. I enjoy riding 4 wheelers/dirt bike, hanging out with friends, and going to my familys deerlease. I have a dog named Keechi, he is a Plott's Hound. I drive a Silver Honda Civic. I just got it in mid July, we put wheels on it a week after I got it. I work at Arcadium, so come a visit me up there.

One of my favorite things to do when I am not at school is to go to the movies with all my friends. I also love to just go to friends houses and hang out. Hey Kim, Bryan, Boone, Caleb, Cas, Erin, Kristin, Jeremy, Lindsay, Manie, Melody, Caitlin, Nate, Shay, Jake, and Tony!! LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK!!! EMAIL ME

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