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The Big Shabang :

*August 14, 2003*

Yo sup dawgs? This is going to be my final and last move to a new layout. I think this is "the one." This template has more option than the other one so this will do.

P.S: You will you update below this box. The topic box will alway be the latest post and the bottom will be the oldest.

I'm still alive
Posted By: Stevie
Date: September 20, 2003

Yo sorry for no updates but I had so many homework in the past week. I added some new affilates on the bottom right taht they wanted me to put. I'm kinda heading to DBZ now.

New Updates
Posted By: Steve-o
Date: September 12, 2003

Today I found a really funny and great website. On the left side under Fav Sites go to homestarrunner because it's so funny. :D

Two Year Anniversary
Posted By: Stevie
Date: September 11, 2003

I just want to have a moment of silence to remember all the heros of 9/11.

whoa I forgot I got a website...
Posted By: Stevie
Date: September 9, 2003

Ok I am done with the Rock Songs so go check it out. sigh... I don't care that R-Kelley was a child molestor k? I ran out of songs to put in so... And also some songs are not really rock so bare with me people. And there are so profanity found in almost all the songs so BEWARE.

whoa I forgot I got a website...
Posted By: Stevie
Date: September 4, 2003

Sorry people I forgot I got a website... I have school so I can't update this website a lot. :P sorry my mom said that I can't go online on weekdays besides fridays. but today my parents aren't home. weeee

I'm Alive
Posted By: Stevie
Date: August 23, 2003

Sorry about the unupdated stuff I was sick and tired. I'm going to go look for new songs for the Rap/Pop songs and going to add the Rock section now. It's going to be finish by the weekend cuz I'm going to see Jason vs. Freddy. WUHAHAHA...

IRC Chat
Posted By: Steve-o
Date: August 19, 2003

With my intelligences and time work I have master the art or creating a link that connects to chatrooms. MUHAHA... Check out the link under "Forums/IRC Chat" content and download mIRC then click on IRC Chat. It will bring you directly to the chatroom where I usually talk at with my friends. You can probably even meet my friends too. If you have any questions just post your question on the forums and I'll reply to you later on. Laters.

Tight website I found today involving YGO
Posted By: Steve-o
Date: August 19, 2003

I was talking in mIRC with my friend about my website and he told me that I should include a website that you can duel online with YGO so I went to this website and thought it was pretty cool so I added a new link to this website called XeroCreative. It's pretty cool.

BTW: I DON'T LIKE YU-GI-OH. This section if for people who likes YGO not for ME. :\

New content added again
Posted By: Stevie
Date: August 19, 2003

Ok I am done with the Pop songs section on the right. Ok...I don't know or like Pop so if it isn't pop music I don't give a h00t just listen, enjoy, and be happy cuz I don't like those kind of music. And I added a new section called "YGO Stuff" for all those Yu-Gi-Oh players which I don't like to play those card games. I just want this site to enjoy anykind of people. Well... laters.

:\ I'm trying, I'm trying.
Posted By: Stevie
Date: August 18, 2003

Like I told you that I'm going to have songs for the Pop and Rock section done by today unfornately going to be delayed. :\ I woke up at 2:00 in the afternoon so I didn't feel like doing anything other then watch T.V. Sorry for the delay again. Hopefully by Monday Night I will have it done. I added a guestbook today on the left hand side under Navigations. Go Chargers Go!

sigh... just came back from work.
Posted By: Steven
Date: August 17, 2003

*yawns* whoa...its like 2:00 in the morning and I'm tired. I just came back from my friend's house to practice and before I worked at my uncle's store. I was busy all day. I'm gonna sleep now. zzZZZzzz

New Content Added
Posted By: Steve-o
Date: August 15, 2003

Yo, today I just added the rap section on the right hand side. Check it out and I'm going to change the song like every 2 weeks or something like that, when I have time. I'm going to add a Rock and Pop section probably by Sunday so be patience. I have to work at my Uncle's store tommorrow so I don't have time. -_-;

P.S: If you want to listen to the songs you need to have a good internet speed like DSL, cable and 56K aka dial up. You would probably need WindowsMedia player, Realplayer, Windowsplayer, RealOne, etc.

w00t w00t! My first post on my new website -_-...finally.
Posted By: Stevie
Date: August 14, 2003

Hey what's up? I am just about finish with the Counter-Strike Content and going to be done by tommorrow. So go check it out. Its on the left hand side.

Rap Songs

- *Bustah Rhymes "Light Your *bleep* On Fire"
- *DMX "Where the Hood At"
- *Dr. Dre "Still Dre"
- *Eminem "Sing for the Moment"
- *Fabulous "Keep It Gangsta"
- *2 Pac "Life Goes On"
- *50 Cent "Baby Get On Your Knees"

Pop Songs

- *Sean Paul "Get Busy"
- *Simple Plan "Addicted"
- *Good Charlotte "Girls & Boys"
- *New Found Glory "Dressed to Kill" "
- *Incubus "Still Not A Player"
- *Matchbox 20 "Unwell"
- *Nas "Popular Thug"

Rock Songs

- *Evanescence "Bring Me to Life"
- *Limp Bizkit "Rollin"
- *R.Kelly "Feelin On Your Booty"
- *Notorious Big "Hypnotize"
- *Ruben Studdard "Flying Without Wings"
- *Sisqo "Thong Song"
- *P.O.D "Sleeping Awake"


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