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Psychology is a career that is one of the world’s most wonderful forms of getting to learn how people think. Psychology is the study of the human brain, mind and basically how you work. Even though you’re a psychologist you may not do the same type of therapy as other psychologists do. There are many different types of practicing psychologist. Some are clinical, counseling, school, developmental, research, and social psychologists. Clinical psychologists are the most common one and more jobs are opened to them. They deal with mentally and emotional people. They have there own practice or work in clinics. One on one client patient therapy is done. The therapy they give is called psychotherapy, which deals with the clients’ mental problems. Counseling psychology is much like clinical but it just helps counsel the client to making right decisions. School psychologists deal with children. They are located in schools and counsel the children when help is needed or when the child is just having a bad time. Developmental psychologists deal with problems that happen throughout life when life changes occur. Social psychologists focus on the social aspect of life. Research psychologists deal with the research end of it. They look in to finding why things occur and how to help them when they do. I plan on doing clinical psychology. I wanna help people who suffer from eating disorders. This deals with a type of psychology that is called abnormal psychology. Abnormal psychology deals with mental disorder that casue change in the way the mind works. Some other types of forms of psychology are developmental, child, and personality. I have chosen abnormal because of what i want to do with the helping people. I love helping people and especailly find eating disorders fascinating. I am a survivor of one and I find it very interesting. I plan on leaving Santa Fe and transfering to UF Psychology department in Spring 05'. My goal is to recieve my Masters in Psychology but if I really stick with it I would like to get my doctorate. I hope everyone enjoyed my first web site I ever created. I know it was interesting to make. Jessica Day

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