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Yellowbeard's CD list

A Perfect Circle,Mer De Noms,,
Adam Sandler,Stan and Judies Kid,,
Adam Sandler,They're All Gonna Laugh At You,,
Aerosmith,Pandoras Box,3 disks,
After Freq.,Rob Jones Band,,
Alian Ant FarmANTology,Anthology,,
Alice in Chains,Facelift,,
Alice in Chains,Self Titled,,
Alice in Chains,Jar of Flies,,
Alice in Chains,Dirt,,
Alice in Chains,Unplugged,,
Alice in Chains,Sap,,
Alice in Chains,Nothing Safe,,
Alice in Chains,Herion,,
American Head Charge,Trepanation,,
American Head Charge,The War of Art,,
Amorphis,My Kantel,,
"Apex Theory, The",Topsy-Turvy,,
"Apex Theory, The",Random Bursts,,
"Apex Theory, The",The Apex Theory E.P.,,
Arch Enemy,Stigmata,,
Arch Enemy,Burning Bridges,,
At The Gates,Slaughter of the Soul,,
At The Gates,Terminal Spiral,,
Barenaked Ladies,Stunt,,
Barenaked Ladies,The Great Rock Spectical,,
Barenaked Ladies,Born on a Pirateship,,
Barenaked Ladies,Maroon,,
Beastie Boys,Ill Communication,,
Beastie Boys,Chaeck Your Head,,
Beatles,Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club,,
Beatles,Abbey Road,,
Beatles,1967-1970,Disk 1 & 2,
Beatles,The White Album,Disk 1 & 2,
Beatles,Rubber Soul,,
Beatles,Anthology,Disk 1 & 2,
Beatles,Past Masters Volume 2,,
Beavis & Butthead,The Beavis & Butt-Head Experience,,
Beck,New Pollution,single,
Beck,Mellow Gold,,
Beck,Golden Feelings,Tracks 1-6,
Beck,Midnight Vultures,,
Ben Folds Five,Rockin The Suburbs,,
Ben Folds Five,Naked Baby Photos,,
Ben Folds Five,The Unauthorized Biography of Reinhold Messner,,
Ben Folds Five,Whatever and Ever Amen,,
Ben Folds Five,Self Titled,, Bestie Boys,Check Your Head,,
Big Ed,The Assassin,,
Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey,Soundtrack,,
Biohazard,New World Disorder,,
Biohazard,State of the World Address,,
Biohazard,Mata Leao,,
Biohazard,No Holds Barred,,
Black Crows,Shake Your Money Maker,,
Black Sabbath,We Sould Our Soul For Rock 'N' Roll,,
Black Flag,First Four Years,,
Black Flag,Damaged & Jealous Again,,
Blink 182,Enema of the State,,
Blink 182,Dancin With Myself,single,
Blink 182,Cheshire Cat,,
Blink 182,Dude Ranch,,
Blink 182,The Mark Tom and Travis Show,,
Blink 182,Take Off Your Pants and Jacket,,
Bone thugs-n-harmoney,E. 1999 Eternal,,
Bone thugs-n-harmony,The Art of War,2 disks,
Bone thugs-n-harmony,Look Into My Eyes,,
Bone thugs-n-harmony,Faces of Death,,
Bone thugs-n-harmony,Collections,,
Bone thugs-n-harmony,Creepin on ah Come Up,,
Bouncing Souls,How I Spent My Summer,,
Brandy,Never Say Never,,
Britney Spears,Baby One More Time,,
Brujeria,Matando Gueros,,
Brutal Truth,Need to Control,,
Brutal Truth,Sounds of The Animal Kingdom,,
BuckoNine,Songs in the key of Bree,,
Busta Rhymes,The Coming,,
Busta Rymes,When Disaster Strikes,,
Butthole Surfers,Independent Worm Saloon,,
C-Murder,Life Or Death,,
Candyman,Ain't No Shame In My Game,,
Cannibal Corpse,Eaten Back to Life,,
Cannibal Corpse,Butchered At Birth,,
Cannibal Corpse,Tomb of the Mutilated,,
Cannibal Corpse,Vile,,
Cannibal Corpse,Hammer Smashed Face (live),single,
Cannibal Corpse,Gallary of Suicide,,
Cannibal Corpse,Live Cannibalism,,
Cannibal Corpse,Blood Thirst,,
Carcass,Wake Up And Smell The...,,
Carcass,Necroticism Descanting The Insalubrious,,
Celly Cel,Killa Kali,,
Chimara,Pass Out Of Existence,,
CKY,Volume 1,,
Clutch,Self Titled,,
Clutch,Pure Rock Fury,,
Clutch,Jam Room,,
Clutch,The Elephant Riders,,
Coal Chamber,Self Titled,,
Coal Chamber,Chamber Music,,
Creed,Weathered,Promo 4 Track,
Creed,Human Clay,,
Crow,Sound Track,,
Crow City of Angels,Soundtrack,,
Christina Aguilera,Self Titled,,
Crucial Conflict,Final Tic,,
Cypress Hill,III (Temples of Boom),,
Darkane,Rusted Angel,,
Dave Mathews Band,Crash,,
Dave Mathews Band,Live at Luther College,,
Dazed and Confused,Soundtrack,,
Dead Kennedys,Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegitables,,
Dead Kennedys,Bedtime for Democracy,,
Dead Kennedys,Frankenchrist,,
Dead Kennedys,Give Me Convenience or Give Me Death,,
Dead Kennedys,Plastic Surgery Disasters,,
Deaftones,Around the Fur,,
Deaftones,Milk-SOD Cover,single,
Deaftones,White Pony,,
Death,The Sounds of Perseverence,,
Death,85 rehersal,,
Death,Individual Thought Patterns,,
Death,Scream Bloody Gore,,
Death,Spiritual Healing,,
Deicide,Amon: Feasting the Beast,,
Deicide,Once Upon the Cross,,
Deicide,Serpents of the Light,,
Deicide,Insinerate Hymn,,
Deicide,When Satan Lives,,
Deicide,In Tourment In Hell,,
Destiny's Child,The Writing's on the Wall,,
Detroit Rock City,Soundtrack,,
Dido,No Angel,,
Dismember,Mass Killing Capacity,,
DJ Rectangle, ,,
DJ Rectangle,Rollin Deep,,
DJ Rectangle,Deadly Needles,,
DJ Rectangle,Enter The Diamond Needle Dynasty,,
DMX,"Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood",,
Do Or Die,Heads Or Tails,,
Do Or Die,,,
Dr. Dre,The Cronic,,
Dr. Martens,Music Sampler,,
Dracula 2000,Soundtrack,,
Dream Theater,Images and Words,,
Dream Theater,Awake,,
Dream Theater,Falling Into Infinity,,
Dream Theater,Once on a Live Time,,
Dru Down,Explicit Game,,
Dru Down,Can You Feel Me,,
E-40,The Element of Suprise,,
Ebony Tears,A handfull of Nothing,,
Eminem,Marshall Mathers,,
Entombed,Wolverine Blues,,
Entombed,Clandestine ,,
Entombed,Monkey Puss (live in London),,
Entombed,Morning Star,,
Everything is Beautiful,Misc. Artists,,
Extreme II,Pornograffitti,,
Factory 81,Mankind,,
Fantomas,The Director's Cut,,
Faith No More,Last Cup of Sorrow,single,
Faith No More,Easy,single,
Faith No More,Angel Dust,,
Faith No More,The Real Thing,,
Faith No More,Album of the Year,,
Faith No More,King for a Day Fool for a Lifetime,,
Faith No More,Songs to Make Love to,,
Fear Factory,Fear is a Mindkiller,,
Fear Factory,Remanufacture,,
Fear Factory,Demanufacture,,
Fear Factory,Obsolete,,
Fear Factory,Soul of A New Machine,,
Fear Factory,Digimortal,,
Fenix TX,Self Titled,,
Fenix TX,Lechuza,,
Fiend,There's One in Every Family,,
Filter,Title of Album,,
Flipmode Squad,The Imperial,,
Foo Fighters,The Colour And The Shape,,
From Dusk Til Dawn,After Dark,single,
Ganksta NIP,South Park Psycho,,
Gateway to Hell 2,Slayer Tribute,,
GlassJaw,Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sielence,,
Godsmack,Self Titled,,
Goldfinger,Foot In Mouth,,
Goldfinger,Open Your Eyes,,
Goldfinger,Self Titled,,
Goldfinger,Darrin's Coconut Ass,,
GoldFinger,Stomping Ground,,
Goldfinger,Walking in the Dark,single,
Goldfinger,More Today than Yesturday,single,
Goldfinger,Vintage Queen,single,
Goldfinger,White Christmas,single,
Grave,Extremely Rotten Live,,
Grave,Hating Life,,
Grave,Into the Grave,,
Green Day,"1,039/Smoothed Out Slappy Hours",,
Green Day,Dookie,,
Green Day,Nimrod,,
Green Day,Warning,,
Green Day,Insomniac,,
Guns-N-Roses,Appetite For Destruction,,
Guns-N-Roses,Use Your Illusion I,,
Guns-N-Roses,Use Your Illusion II,,
Gwar,This Toilet Earth,,
Gwar,America Must Be Destroyed,,
Gwar,Scumdogs of the Universe,,
Gwar,The Road Behind,,
"Haunted, The",Haunted,,
Hatebreed,Satisfaction is the Death of Desire,,
Hatebreed,I will be Heard (Demo),,
Hed P.E.,,,
Hed P.E.,Broke,,
Henry Rollens, A Rollins In The Wry ,,
Hoobastank,They Sure Don't Make Basketball,,
Hypocrisy,Into the Abyss,,
Jamel,"Last Chance, No Breaks",,
I Got The Hook Up,Soundtrack,,
Ice Cube,War & Peace-the war disk,,
Ice Cube,The Predator,,
Immolation,Here In After,,
Immolation,Failures for Gods,,
In Flames,Jester Race,,
In Flames,Clayman,,
In Flames,Colony,,
In Flames,Whoracle,,
In The Beginning There Was Rap,Various Artists,1999,
Incubus,Enjoy Incubus,,
Incubus,A'Live & Kicken,quality live,
Incubus,Make Yourself,,
Incubus,Pardon Me (acoustic version),single,
Incubus,When Incubus Attacks,,
Incubus,Morning View,,
Internal Bleeding,Varacious Contempt,,
Janes Addiction,Ritual De Lo Habitual,Bad Quality,
Janes Addiction,Nothing Shocking,,
Jay-Z,Vol. 2.. Hard Knock Life,,
Jordan Knight,Give it to You,,
Kane & Abel,Am I My Brothers Keeper,,
Kid Rock,The History of Rock,,
Korn,Follow the Leader,,
Korn,Self Titled,,
Korn,Life is Peachy,,
Korn,Christmas Song,single,
Korn,Good God (live),single,
Korn,Sleepy Hollow,single,
Korn & Dust Brothers,Kick the PA,single,
Led Zeppelin,I,,
Led Zeppelin,II,,
Led Zeppelin,III,,
Led Zeppelin,IV,,
Led Zeppelin,House of the Holy,,
Led Zeppelin,In Through The Out Door,,
Led Zeppelin,Physical Graffiti Cd 1,,
Led Zeppelin,Physical Graffiti Cd 2,,
Led Zeppelin,Presence,,
Led Zeppelin,Remasters (Disc 1),,
Led Zeppelin,Remasters (Disc 2),,
Less Than Jake,Pezcore,,
Less Than Jake,Losing Streak,,
Less Than Jake,Goodbye Blue & White,,
Less Than Jake,Hello Rockview,,
Less Than Jake,Bootleg of a Bootleg,Missing 3 Tracks,
Less Than Jake,Borders and Boundries,,
Less Than Jake,"Losers, Kings And Things We Don't Understand",,
Lifehouse,No Name Face,,
Limp Bizkit,Three Dollar Bill Yall,,
Limp Bizkit,Significant Other,,
Limp Bizkit,Chocolate Starfish Hotdo Flavored Water,,
Linkin Park,Points of Athority,,
Live,Throwing Copper,,
LL Cool J,All World,,
Luniz,Lunitik Muzik,,
M.C. Hammer,Let's Get Started,,
Mac,Shell Shocked,,
Machine Head,The More Things Change,,
Machine Head,Burn My Eyes,,
Machine Head,The Burning Red,,
Malevolent Creation,Joe Black,,
Mariah Carey,Merry Christmas,,
Mariah Carey,Butterfly,,
Marilyn Manson,Portrait of an American Family,,
Marilyn Manson,Smells Like Children,,
Marilyn Manson,AntiChrist Superstar,,
Mark Morrison,Return of the Mack,,
Master P,Gheto D,,
Master P,Da Last Don,,
Meat Puppets,No Joke!,,
Meat Puppets,II,,
Megadeth,Rust in Peace,,
Megadeth,Countdown to Extinction,,
Meshuggah,True Human Design,,
Meshuggah,Contradictions Collapse & None,,
Meshuggah,Destroy Erase Improve,,
Metallica,Master of Puppets,,
Metallica,Self Titled,,
Metallica,...And Justice For All,,
Method & Redman,Blackout,,
Method Man,Tical,,
Michael Jackson,Invincible,,
Mighty Mighty Bostones,Lets Face It,,
Ministry,The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste,,
Ministry,Psalm 69,,
Ministry,Land of Rape and Honey,,
Ministry,In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up,,
Misc. Artist,Korn Family Values Extra Value CD,,
Mo Thugs,Family Scriptures,,
Monica,The Boy is Mine,,
Moonspell,The Butterfly Effect,,
Morbid Angel,Covenant,,
Morbid Angel,Domination,,
Morbid Angel,Chapel of Gouls (Remix),single,
Morbid Angel,Gateways to Annihilation,,
Morbid Angel,Altars of Madness,,
Motley Crue,Theatre of Pain,,
Motley Crue,Decade of Decadence '81-'91,,
Mr Bungle,self titled,,
Mr Bungle,Disco Volante,,
Mr Bungle,California,,
Mr. Serv-on,Life Insurance,,
Mudvayne,L.D. 50,,
Mudvayne,Live in Vegas '99,,
Mudvayne,Kill I Oughta,,
Natural Born Killers,Soundtrack,,
Nailbomb,Proud to Commit Commercial Suicide,,
Nailbomb,Point Blank,,
Napalm Death,Utopia Banished,,
Napalm Death,"Fear, Emptiness, Despair",,
Napalm Death,Diatribes,,
Napalm Death,Greed Killing,,
Napalm Death,Death By Manipulation,,
Napalm Death,Inside The Torn Apart,,
Napalm Death,Harmony Corruption,,
Napalm Death,Words From the Exit Wounds,,
Napalm Death,Enemy of the Music Business,,
Nationwide rip ridaz,,,
Nativity in Black,Black Sabath Tribute,,
Nativity in Black II,Black Sabath Tribute,,
Nickleback,Silver Side Up,,
Nine Inch Nails,The Fragile,,
Nine Inch Nails,Pretty Hate Machine,,
Nine Inch Nails,Broken,,
Nine Inch Nails,The Downward Spiral,,
Nine Inch Nails,And All That Could Have Been and Never Was,,
Nirvana,Unplugged in New York,,
Nirvana,In Utero,,
Nothing Face,Audio Guide to Everyday Atrocity ,,
No Use For a Name,Making Friends,,
No Use For a Name,Leche Con Carne,,
No Use For a Name,Incognito',,
No Use For a Name,More Batterness,,
NOFX,Prunk in Drublic,,
Notorious BIG,Rady to Die,,
Nsync,(God Must Have Spent) A Little More Time on You,,
Nsync,Self Titled,,
Nsync,Herbal Essences,,
Nsync,Home for Christmas,,
Nsync,German Import,,
Offspring,Conspericy of One,,
Obituary,Slowly We Rot,,
Obituary,Cause of Death,,
Obituary,The End Complete,,
Obituary,World Demise,,
Obituary,Back From The Dead,,
Orange County,Soundtrack,,
Ozzfest '97,Misc. Artists,,
Ozzfest '98,Misc. Artists,,
Ozzfest 1,Live Tracks,,
Ozzy Osbourne,No More Tears,,
Ozzy Osbourne,Blizzard of Ozz,,
Ozzy Osbourne,The Ozzman Cometh,,
Pain,Nothing Remains the Same,,
Pantera,I Am The Night,,
Pantera,Vulgar Display of Power,,
Pantera,Cowboys From Hell,,
Pantera,Official Live 101 Proof,,
Pantera,The Great Southern Trendkill,,
Pantera,Far Beyond Driven,,
Pantera,Reinventing the Steel,,
Papa Roach,Infest,,
Pearl Jam,Ten,,
Pearl Jam,VS.,,
Physical Fatness,Fat Music Vol. 1,,
Pink Floyd,Pulse,Disk 1,
Pink Floyd,Ummagumma,Live Album,
Pink Floyd,Ummagumma,Studio Album,
Pissing Razors,Self Titled,,
Pissing Razors,Fields of Disbelief,,
Pissing Razors,Where We Come From,,
Pledge of Allegiance 2002,,live,
Poison,Flesh & Blood,,
Poison The Well,Distance only Makes The Heart Grow Fonder,,
Poison The Well,Tear From The Red ,,
Porno for Pyros,Porno for Pyros,,
Powerman 5000,Tonight the Stars Revolt,,
Primer 55,(the) New Release,,
Primus,Pork Soda,,
Primus,Sailing The Seas of Cheeze,,
Primus,The Anti-Pop,,
Primus,Suck on This,,
Primus,In the Madhouse Live,,
Prince,The Hits/ The B-Sides Disk 1,,
Pro-Pain,The Truth Hurts,,
Pro-Pain,Round 6,,
Pro-Pain,Live In Sittard Holland,,
Prodigy,The Fat of the Land,,
Punk Goes Metal,Compelation - Various Artists,,
Punk-O-Rama,Vol 2.1,,
Rage Against The Machine,No Shelter,single,
Rage Against The Machine,Evil Empire,,
Rage Against the Machine,The Goast of Tome Joad,single,
Rage Against the Machine,Self Titled,,
Rage Against the Machine,Battle of L.A.,,
Rage Against the Machine,Fuck the Police (live),single,
Rage Against the Machine,Renegades,,
Red Hot Chili Peppers,Soul to Squeeze,single,
Red Hot Chili Peppers,Blood Sugar Sex Magik,,
Red Hot Chili Peppers,Californication,,
Red Hot Chili Peppers,What Hits!?,,
Red Hot Chili Peppers,One Hot Minuite,, Redman,Muddy Waters,,
Redman,Doc's Da Name,,
Redman,Dare iz a Darkside,,
Reel Big Fish,Turn the Radio Off,,
Reel Big Fish,Why Do They Rock So Hard?,,
Reel Big Fish,Favorite Noise,,
Resident Evil,Soundtrack,,
Rob Zombie,Sinister Urge,,
Rob Zombie,Hellbilly Deluxe,,
Rollens Band,Weight,,
Rollens Band,End of Sielence,,
Salt 'N' Pepa,Very Necessary,,
Samael,1987 - 1992 Blood Ritual,, Samael,1987 - 1992 Worship Him,, Samael,Ceremony Of Opposites,, Samael,Eternal,, Samael,Passage,, Scream 3,Soundtrack,,
Secret Chiefs 3,?,,
Sepultura,Blood Rooted,,
Sepultura,Morbid Visions,,
Sepultura,Beneath The Remains,,
Sepultura,Third World Posse,,
Sepultura,Chaos A.D.,,
Sepultura,Innerself Life,(live),
Sepultura,Slave of God,(live),
Sepultura,Welcome to the End of the World,(live,
Sepultura,The Roots of Sepultura,,
Sevendust,Self Titled,,
Sex Pistols,Filthy Lucre Live,,
Sex Pistols,The Sex Pistols Live,,
Si6ks,self titled,,
Six Feet Under,Alive and Dead,,
Six Feet Under,Warpath,,
Six Feet Under,Bonesaw,,
Six Feet Under,Tommorrow's Victum (live),single,
Six Feet Under,Graveyard Classics,,
Skid Row,Slave to the Grind,,
Skrape,New Killer America,,
Slaughter,The Wild Life,,
Slaughter,Stick It To Ya,,
Slayer,South of Heaven,,
Slayer,Divine Intervention,,
Slayer,Seasons in the Abyss,,
Slayer,Undisputed Attitude,,
Slayer,Diabolus in Musica,,
Slayer,Show No Mercy,,
Slayer,Decade of Aggression,,
Slayer,Hell Awaits,,
Slayer,Reign in Blood,,
Slayer,God Hates Us All,demo,
Slipknot,Some live stuff in Winnepeg,not best quality,
Slipknot,Live from Manchester England,good quality,
Slipknot,Self Titled,,
Smash Mouth,Fush Yu Mang,,
Snoop Doggy Dog,Doggystyle,,
Snoop Doggy Dog,Tha Last Meal,,
SOD: Stormtroopers of Death,Speak English or DIe,,
SOD: Stormtroopers of Death,Bigger Than the Devil,,
Soilwork,A Preditors Portrait,,
Soilwork,Steel Bath Suicide,,
Soilwork,Natural Born Chaos,,
Soul Coughing,El Oso,,
Soulfly,Self Titled,,
Soulfly,Live & Remix,,
Soulfly,Back to the Primitive,new album,
South 95,One Mo' 'Gen,,
Space Jam,Soundtrack,,
Spineshank,The Height Of Callousness,,
Spineshank,Striclty Diesel,,
Staind,Break The Cycle,,
Staind & Limp Bizkit,Rearview,,
Star Wars,Duel of Fates,single,
Static X,Wisconsin Death Trip,,
Static X,Live from the Troubador,not the best quality,
Static X,Machine,,
Stealers Wheel,Stuck in the Middle,single,
Stone Temple Pilots,Core,,
Stone Temple Pilots,Four,,
Stone Temple Pilots,Shangra La Di Da,,
Straite Up,Lyn Straite Tribute,,
Strangland (soundtrack),,,
Strate Jak It,Self Titled,,
Stuck Mojo,Rising,,
Stuck Mojo,Pigwalk,,
Stuck Mojo,Declaration of a Headhunter,,
Stuck Mojo,Violate This,,
Sublime,Stand by Your Van,,
Sublime,40oz. To Freedom,,
Sublime,Robbin the Hood,,
Sublime,Second-Hand Smoke,,
Sublime,"Life at The Palace October 21, 1995",2 Disks,
Sublime,Bradly Nowell and Friends,,
Sublime,Greatest Hits,,
Sublime,13 Fluid Oz,,
Sugar Ray,Self Titled,,
Suicidal Tendencies,Lights Camera Revolution,,
Suicidal Tendencies,Prime Cuts,,
Suicide Machines,Steal This Record,,
Suicide Machines,Destruction By Definision,,
Suicide Machines,Self Titled,,
Suicide Machines,Battle Hymns,, SUM 41,All Killer No Filler,,
System of a Down,Self Titled,,
System of a Down,Live from Ozzfest 99 in NJ,good quality,
System of a Down,Marmalade,single,
System of a Down,Storage,single,
System of a Down,Toxicity,,
System of a Down w/ Wu Tang,Shame on a Nigga,single,
System of a Down,Chop Suey! CDM,,
System of a Down,Live at Lowlands Bootleg,,
System of a Down,Gold Cost Big Day Out,, System of a Down,Toxicity Bonus Tracks,, Tatoo the Earth,The First Crusade,,
Tenacious D,Tenacious D,,
Tenacious D,Live at the Red Rocks,,
Tenacious D,Live at the Roseland 7-22-00,2 Disks,
Tenacious D,Live at Winooski VT 9/28/01,,
Tesla,The Great Radio Controversy,,
Tesla,Five Man Acoustical Jam,,
Testement,The Ritual,,
Testement,Sould of Black,,
Tha Alkaholiks,Coast II Coast,,
Three Doors Down,Cryptanite,single,
TLC,Crazy Sexy Cool,,
Tom Petty,Full Moon Feaver,,
Tone-Loc,Loc'ed After Dark,,
Too Short,Get In Where You Fit In,,
Trixter,Self Titled,,
Tru,Tru 2 Da Game,,
U2,All That You Can't Leave Behind,,
Ugly Kid Joe,America's Least Wanted,,
Unleashed,Shadows In The Deep,,
Unleashed,Eastern Blood - Hail to Poland,,
Van Halen,For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge,,
Violent Femes,Blister in the Sun,single,
Vision of Disorder,From Bliss to,,
Warrant,Cherry Pie,,
Wayne's World,Soundtrack,,
Weezer,The Green Album,, Westside Connection,Bow Down,,
White Zombie,Astro-Creep: 2000,,
White Zombie,La Sexorcisto Devil Music Volume One,,
Wu-Tang Clan,Chronicals,,
Wu-Tang Clan,Wu-Tang Forever,Disk 1,
X-Cops,You Have the Right to Remain Silent,,
311,Self Titled,,
311,From Chaos,,