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VIP Lounge

VIP Lounge

LIGHTWAVE: GET INTO SEVEN Take a guided tour of LightWave 7 virtual sound stage and object modeling environment. Explore the basic concepts of LightWave’s viewing options, model creation, modification & surfacing tools, animation tools & rendering capabilities.
PEOPLE-N-MOTION Populate your graphics worlds with animated people clip map textures in both business & casual attire - both walking & standing. Use in most any 3D or 2D Program. Use in 3D Animations - Composite single frames in still images.
3DS MAX 4 TRAINING TAPES contain over 8 hours of training, this set of six tapes covers everything you need to know to start using all of 3ds Max's tools. Lessons are organized starting with simple concepts, on to advanced.
ANATOMY: BODY PARTS CD is crammed full of royalty-free human anatomy body parts! More than 350 texture maps and opacity maps -- many are tileable. If you're building characters, this CD is your bible.
MAYA FOR BEGINNERS is an introductory look into one of the most advanced and exciting 3D software packages available. People with little or no previous training in Maya will find this comprehensive training package extremely helpful.

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