This is the eBay auction page that got me suspended for 30 days. eBay doesn’t like criticism or anyone pointing out flaws or problems in their operations.

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Nikon D1H D1X
Canon EOS 1Ds 10D Digital Rebel
Kodak DCS 14n Pro
and Other High-End Digital Camera

Per eBay requirements that auctions must be for an item or items, this auction is for a Xerox Copy of these buying tips. Please read this page completely for full details.

Signs of a SCAM:

In short, ASK HONEST QUESTIONS and don't be afraid to INSIST on full and COMPLETE information if you're going to send someone you've never met -- and don't know from Adam -- lots of your hard-earned cash.

What you can do to help fight fraud on eBay: You can report suspected fraud auctions at

If you get an email offering to sell you an item outside of eBay, Forward the email to

Further info: Where are all these scammers located? Most are in third-world countries. Romania is evidently a hotbed of computer-savvy scammers. Here's a newspaper story about Romania and why it's become a center for Internet crime.

This auction is for a Xerox copy of the information presented on this page, alerting camera buyers and buyers of other expensive merchandise to scams often listed on eBay [computers, antique coins, jewelry, antique dolls, etc., to name only a few] . I hope this information will be found useful.


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