I have made over 300 bucks from a program called Nitroclicks
in about 3 days by doing all the tasks they gave me.
They pay you for completing tasks such as signing up for mailing
lists and then ask you a question according to the instructions
when logged in to their website.

First go to http://www.e-gold.com/e-gold.asp?cid=592043

to sign up for an e-gold account which is how they pay you.(backed by real gold, you can even have them ship you your gold, or else you can sell it to sites that give you cash).

Then go to www.nitroclicks.com/join.phtml?referred=portloon to sign up for Nitroclicks.

Make sure to click all the interests check so they give you the most tasks to complete. Don’t delete your cookies after you sign up. Excessive deleting of your cookies can make them delete your account. Preferably use another email address other than your main one when you sign up for offers so you won’t get as much spam.
By the way, refer people for more money, you get 20% of your first referral levels money, that means 20 dollars for you every 100 dollars they earn. You get 10% for the second level and 5% for levels 3 through 5.