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Karl Marx and Friederich Engels may have begun Communism, but, they themselves made the grave mistake of putting people into classes, as they refer to as the proletariat and the burgoisie. Even by mentioning class struggle they aknowledged the existance of classes. They say that the proletariat (workers) should have all the power, and the burgoisie persecuted and denounced, but, if you give power to the workers instead of the rich capitalists all that you are doing is transforming the workers into the rich, corrupt capitalists. He failed to see the proletarian’s fight for justice as a human struggle, but as a class struggle. You cannot create a society which is without a leader or government. We need leadership and a person which we can put our trust into and truly believe can lead us to a better society, not as rich or poor but as humans. This is why I will always call myslef a human being before I call myself a worker, businessman or revolutionary entrepenour. We need someone to look after us as much as possible. This is why I believe that in order to maintain, or establish the first eral democracy we need a dictatorship. The dictator will not see him/herself as a superior being but will instead do what he believes is best for everyone’s well-being. We need someone who will do anything for the ebst of the people, and to keep order in society, just as the ancient Athenians once did. The simple truth is that people, if were left to look after themselves would fail because they simply would not know what to do. Power does corrupt, but not only capitalists, it corrupts socialists too. We are humans. We must see each other as humans before we see each other as black or white, catholic or jew. We must be kind and Compassionate towards each other as well as towards our environment. Marx considered himself a revolutionary man, but we should not see this ideology as revolutionary, but more as an evolutionary ideology, for it strives to improve every aspect of life. We can creat a better society, and we have to truly believe it for this to happen. The famous phrase which Marx wrote at the end of his manifesto: “Proletarians of the world unite” is one of the most class conscious phrases that have ever been written. This phrase should have been “Humans of the world unite”. Because that is the one thing that we all have in common, we should see each other as that. We all have and always will debate our differences, and that is wonderful and constructive. We do not want an identical society, we want an equal society. Wether rich or poor, black or white, this religion or that we are all one and will one day hopefully be a united race. We will one day dispose of the term rich or poor, there will be no comparison because of skin colour, only joy at the awareness of knowing that we are different on the outside but feel the same in the inside. Commonality is a politically motivated philosophy that is fuelled and centered around all of human kind’s commonality, being human and having feelings and needs which need to be respected. Unfortunately I believe that religion impedes this. It started as an institution which strove to improve all of human kind’s life. Unfortunately it became corrupt and mutated into what is one of the most exploitative and unjust institution of all time. It is not however the opium of the people as Karl Marx once remarked. I have recently attended a mass and felt absolutely nothing. Later on that day however a friend of the family spoke, praying for us after a dark period in my family’s life, and her words came so fluently that you could feel the power in them. I believe that there is a supreme being, but is is not whole, it is within everything and everyone and works through everything. The small part of the supreme being inside her spoke to us, and it was it and her that gave the words meaning. We need everyonewhich we posess in our society. The large coorporations give us the quality goods which we need, the workers ulid the for us and the administrative body of the company makes sure that the company runs smoothly. Everyone that works in that company si an essential gear in it’s mechanism. Our society is like this but is plagued by corruption and struggle for power. We are all equal but have different skills. We should all be paid the equal amount of money and ensure thate evryone is given the essential needs of food, shelter, clothing, schooling, sanitatin and healt care. Once this is done people can go on with their lives. This will work. Because it is what we all struggle for, and always will. What is the purpose of life?, I believe it is to seek happiness but we cannot seek it selfishly. Do we not feel happy when we help a fellow human being or a wounded animal?, of course we doand that is why we need to create a society which si based on compassion and prosperity, not military or corporate power. It should be based upon people power, all of the people. WE are all an equally important part of society and should be treated as such. Giving everyone will destry the barrier between rich or poor, in one phrase, it will destroy classes. And that is what we strive to do, id it not? Even the ehad of state should be subjected to the same wage system. We will campaign for demilitarization and human rights throughout the world, because if we can help, we should. Commonality is called this because it revolves around what we all have in common. Communism represents only common ownership. This will affect everything around us, especially our environment which will not need to be exploited for personal profit. There should be fines put in place for the exploitationa nd pollution of the environment. The recent pulling out of George W. Bush of the Kyoto Protocool was justified by him as being an economic decision, but I would like to ask him: “Will you have an economy if there is not a planet to put the economy on?”. We must destroy the stock exchange se we will not eb forced to make stupid decisions such a sthe one that George made. We must be an example. A good example. The situation at the moment in the world is horrible. The rich, developed countries spend most of their time and money on defence, and other useless things such as space travel. It may become of some use in the future, but is it stopping people from starving and dying today?