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The Robot Chicks Union
Are you a Robot Chick?
Or would you like to show your support for Robot Chicks Everywhere?

The Robot Chicks Union, The RCU, is a resource aimed towards females on FIRST Robotics Teams. This group keeps in contact with each other via the internet and Yahoo!Groups, a free mailing list service.

How can you get in contact with the Robot Chicks Union?
E-mail the moderators:
Jessica Boucher {237 alum} and Kristen Kelso {team 131}

If you are a female in high school...
Sign up to be added onto the RCU mailing list to become a part of the community! Once you join, you can get as involved as you want, whether adding your voice to the conversation, becoming one of our Regional Captain (spreading the word about the RCU to members in your FIRST Regional Area), or anything else you can dream up!

If you are a female in college...
Feel free to be added to the conversation! Our college students are some of our greatest assets: they are mentors for the high school students, veterans of the FIRST competition, and are a wealth of information.

If you are a skilled professional...
Without our adult support, the Robot Chicks Union wouldn't be the same!  Feel free to sign up to become a part of the conversation and help steer the future of the Robot Chicks Union in the right direction.  These members become highly recognizable because of their advice and connections to the students.

If you are a supporter, but do not fit into any of the above branches...
We are still in need of your support! Sign up and we'll work with you personally to find the best fit for you within the Union!

There is room for everyone in the Robot Chicks Union!

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