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The Results from The Manchester Central Tournament


Team #  Team Name   Mentor  School/City

853 Bicentennial Bot Builders   Sue McKenzie    Bicentennial/Nashua

859 Electric Jelly Donuts   Linda Pugliano  New Searles/Nashua

864 Antagonauts Colette Valade  PennichuckJHS/Nashua

867 F.R.E.D.    Dennis Pymm Mastricola/Merrimack

1013    Raiders Josh Blixt  McDonough/Manchester

1014    Robotics Munchkins Matthew Karolian  McDonough/Manchester

1453    Pumas   Michele Brezvec S. Meadow/Peterborough

2062    Lego Chicks Pat Barss   Girl's Inc/Manchester

3451    Little Green Men    Wanda Nichols   Green Valley/Pembroke

3595    Raptors Margot Utterback    Neighborhood/Nashua

3792    Technology Terminators  Rick Wood   Antrim Rec Center/Antrim



14 LEGO Toys collected

200 + cans of food donated to New Horizons


Programming 1453

Magnificent Mechanism 3595

Innovative Design 864

Robust Design 1013

Terrific Teamwork 3451

Research and Presentation 853

Rookie Award 867

Against All Odds 1014

Team spirit 2062

Rising Star 3792

Judges Award...Better Late than Never...Stratham Team

859 and 2032 go on to state event Dec 14 in Nashua