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Navy SE.A.L.s are the worlds most elite fighting force. They go under water, across land, and in the air. During training, they learn what it's like to be cold, tired, hurt, and delirius. They learn all of it the hard way. Seal instructors put their trainees through the most grueling hell known to man. This web page will give you information, links, and inspiring quotes from or made from the legacy of the US Navy SEALs
Navy SEALs Operating underwater.

In the Navy SEALs, their are many different specialties one can have. Some SEALs are weapons experts, while others are to scout out beaches before a Seal Team lands. UDT, or underwater demolition is a big part of the SEALs. Underwater demoliton men are experts at distructing underwater or near water objects. They clear bridges and take down beach obstacles for troops.

A Navy SEAL in a land operation.

"If death smiles at you....Look it in the eye and smile back."

Training is incredibly hard for U.S. Navy SEALs. I am not a Navy SEAL, in fact I'm only 14, but thorugh the last couple of years the Navy SEALS have been the highest point of interest in my life. I sometimes try to recreate the hell that Seal trainees go through but I'm sure that I come nowhere close. The real SEAL trainees have to deal with incredibly cold water, really hard physical training, and a huge lack of sleep. The trainees receive only 4 hours of sleep for hell week. Every morning they are woken up by theri yelling instructors, and blank M-60 machine gun fire.

" Anything that doesn't kill you makes you stronger"

Matt Albertini and I routinely do training exercises to get us conditioned because we both SERIOUSLY are considering applying for BUD/S training at the age of 19. For our rigourous conditoning we do swimming, wieght lifting, and aerobic exercises. If you are interested in the SEALs and you want to get fit.....Try our work out. If you can't perform our exercises right away, set your own standards and work up to ours.
2 mile/day---7sets a week

10 pullups concecutive OVERHAND! Not the cheap way... 7 sets/week

35 pushups concecutive

100 situps concecutive 7sets/week

25 min swiming 4 times/week

65 foot breath hold underwater 2 times/week

100 lb. bench press 3 times/week

The Navy SEAL program takes place in San Diego California, at Coranado Naval Base. NAVSPECWAR is a program that runs the SEALs, the UDT and the specail boat squadrons. Bob Gormly, is a retired Captain from the Navy. He was one of the first men on SEAL team 2, and before that, he was a UDT swimmer. His book, "Combat Swimmer: Memoirs of a Navy SEAL", is a must read if you are interested in the subject.