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See you again


I like your smile


I like to...

See you again


I'm not gonna run

'Cause you're beautiful

If I want you bad, girl

It will show I see right through

You know you can't

Hide from me no more


'Cause I know you better

Than you know yourself

So play this game

With someone else

Didn't get your number

Just to turn me on

You've got my number wrong


Takin' my humilty

Takin' the ability

To push this in the right direction

Your beauty makes others blind

But I'm not other guys

'Cause they are blinded by perfection



Oh I like your smile

I like your style

Baby and I hope that I can see you again

See you again

See you again

And I hope that I can see you again


I don't wanna know when you come around

You're too scared to talk about

Things you only say so privately

I want your secrecy

So come a little closer

Girl I want to know

What's in your heart

What's in your soul

My body's frozen

By your stare

Imagining me there

I'm not after fast cars

Diamonds, fancy restaurants

I know that it ain't all it seems

Hold on Before you judge me

Come on, just try to love me

You'll see, that I'm the man in your...

Dreams ........