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Quotes: {x}


*I'd like you to meet my girlfriend...oh wait, I don't have one*

*Come on Ohio!*

*An apple a day keeps Jay's nagging away.*

*My mom says 'Good Luck' to everyone*

*I'm sorry for mocking you Dan..*

*Too little, too late. Too little, too late. The Trevor train gonna pass you by*

*Five reasons I like Britney Spears. 1.She Fine 2.She's Damn Fine 3.She's Pretty Fine 4.She Fine 5.She's Hot*

*There were a bunch of screamin' girls yelling 'I love you' and 'I wanna marry you' and 'Awwh!*

*You're a liar... you're a liar!*


*Flower shirt, flower shirt, I'm wearing a flower shirt*

*Jacob's the writer/producer, Ashley's the cute one, Trevor's the good dancer, Dan's now the motivator. Where am I?*

*It's one o'clock Ashley*

*ERIK: Naked?


*You promised yourself you weren't going to cry.*

* People don't see how deep I really am, they just see attitude.*

*I don't wanna discuss this right now, I have guests that I need to entertain.*

*I'm sorry! Friends don't suck on peoples bottom lips.*

*Thanks uncle Marc!..And uncle Jay!*


*Ikaika, what's your brother number? I need to ask you some questions*

*I regrew my goatee, I got my dreads back, I started painting my nails. And now I'll show you the real Jacob*

*I didn't think you could sing anyway!*

*You're always like, I'm such a profeesional, I'm such a professional!*

*If his name is called out - I'm walking.*

*I'd probably still be in my garage trying to make it but at least I was happy there.'*

*You know what you need, potato chips!*

*It's not a joke. It's stupid. It's humiliating.*

*I'm issy about being in this group. Like, I don't wanna be here all the time!*

*I'm in a boyband thats kinda funny. The whole teenybopper scene I never knew exsited... I don't enjoy those types of artists and now being one... It's like I kinda lost myself.*

*You're never vaccuuming again!*

*We still get four days to see our family's Andrew! F**k you!'*



*I'm not mean! Shut the f*** up!*

*Welcome to Georgia!!!*

*I just wish I was getting a little love back.*

*Wait till you see Shelli, she's a trip!*

*The show must go on!*

*Hey, california boy! Ball it up!*

*Stop jackin' my socks!!!*

*I HAVENT FINISHED...stop and let me finish..!*

*I'm a big spender now. I bought her a 22 dollar ring.*

*I'm a very by-the-book person and I don't think the group has learned that yet.*

*This tour is really important to us, cause the whole world is waiting for us to suck.*


*Shelli is the love of my life. I just wanna be with her.*

*It shows that we're multi-talented.*

*I just don't trust myself with you.*

*I want her in my life, but I justdon't know how right now...*

*I'm scared of that folder Andrew!*

*What, what do you mean you hate me?*

*Are you trying to get me to say that Cori has a nice butt??? Yeah ok, Cori has a nice butt!*

*Can I re-hug you?*

*Give me one for Joey Lawrence.*

*She was my first a lot of things*

*In a manly way... I'm glad we're tight!*

*You forgot sandels, but you brought go-go boots?*

*I want to hear it straight from the horses mouth.*



*Is it gonna make me cry?' - Shelli

*You are not a star my friend, you are a lab rat.* -Marc

*I hate you.* - Shelli

*I didn't know whether to hug you or kiss you, or... to shake your hand. (She laughs) I wouldn't shake your hand.* -Cindy

*Must we call them go-go boots?* - Shelli

*Some space? That was the stupidest thing you've ever said. We have like 3,000 miles between us want some more space? Then go over seas!* - Shelli

*Do you want some money... Like he's my sugar daddy or something!* - Cindy

*I've got a girl that I really love, she's my world y'know.* - Ikaika

*Does it meet the Jcob Underwood standards?* - Andrew

*It's just furstrating!!!* - Janie

*Cause we're friends!* - Kelly