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Poem for o-town: {x}

Want to live our lifestyle, for just a day or two?

Thats just fine, well hand it over to you,

Maybe then we can have at least a three day break,

I mean thatÕs all were asking for, for goodness sake,

Long distance phone calls, with bills a mile high,

But thatÕs the cost to have a girlfriend or a life

Critics shouting "manufactured band!"

But itÕs ok with us and its ok with fans.

Every move watched by camera men,

Then shown on Tv and watched by millions of children.

Album going multi platinum finally brings up a smile,

And papers say the albums good, but diss us all the while,

Constantly on medication, tired but no sleep

Still no days off, man weÕre gonna freak!

Disaster on Miss America made us all curl up and cry,

Guess its just another excuse for critics to laugh and sigh,

Do they understand that its not easy to do what we do?

No they donÕt, they just wanna make fun of you.

Try to make it big overseas in the uk,

"Your tour is sold out!" The MikeÕs happily say,

While you arrive at place to place, to perform your new thing,

Crowds shout and cheer and join in to sing.

But when the single comes out, it doesnÕt really sell,

Number 38 is all it gets to, oh well

Our new albums still gonna storm up these charts,

If it wasnt so delayed to start,

Come on, come on, grab your tickets for O2,

The new tour, is it stopping at your venue?

So while we work and have no play,

We see your happy faces and we thank god every day,

So as we gather fans and work on a new sound,

We now know that weÕve made it, 1 2 3, say it ... o-town!