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Ashley's girls: {X}


First and foremost, Shelli, who absolutley everyone knows about. She is a celebrity in her own right!!! Anyways, Questions are still flying about if they are dating or not. In magazines and interviews he says they are but these are printed in advance so... Rumors say she dumped him but fuck rumours, they say everything. Can't we catch a break here? (Haha) Anyway, I personally think she as very pretty with large dark eyes and dark hair. And ok, some times she was a bit whiney but overall I think she was pretty sweet!


She had this huge crush on Ash and Mike miller and Ash hung out with her. Theyu both kinda liked her but I think Shelli was always in the back of Ashley's mind and he would of NEVER done anything with her. She was in the show "Noah knows best"


Dan's girls:


OK, I think she is a past girlfriend, (cos I think he's with Erin now) She was really sweet and never wanted to get in the way of Dan's dreams, she supported him ETC... But he said he couldn't be with her because of the hard work situation. She had blondish hair. I don't know if they still speak or not so that concludes that!


Now, I think this is present girlfriend. Was she his high school sweetheart or something? Anyway, I really don't know anything about her except I think their really happy together so smiles all around :)


Erik's girls:


Ok, this girl was a bit of a bitch - hah forget a bit, she was a bitch! I mean calling Erik a spic is so outta line. And did she even have a respectable reason? No! I mean what was she supposed to say, I hate Erik cos he won't be with me. I mean that was the truth right? Anyway, i didn't like her much!

Present Girlfriend:

I'm not 100% sure if he has one. There are rumours about him and a girl called Valerie. I dunno though, if it is true... smile and be happy 4 him :)


Jacob's girls:


Aw! Their getting married! Tear! That's cute, I love Jacob and I love Janie and I hope they are really happy together, they definatley derserve eachother. Apparently they were dating on and off since they were 12 so, that is pretty amazing. Can't imagaine it though.


Does anyone know what happened to her? He was kinda all over her then suddenly she dissappeared. Poof! Anyway, focus. She seemed nice enough, she was a pretty and a model. I don't really know much about her. I wanna know where she went!


She came with the bunch of girls (Jenny, Heather, Clare etc) And her and Jacob got on well. I noticed in the van he had his arms around her but I don't really know what happened there either. I guess when Jenny went, so did she.


Trevor's girls:


Aw Trev, she didn't deserve you! She was really horrible never giving a straight forward answer and then just kinda leaving him hanging there. Not smart move girlie. That was mean. I think he was like with her in college or something, I didn't really catch it, I'm not much use am I?'


She was one of his best friends and I don't think she ever dated him. She let him use her house for a after show party and was actully there when they did a show. She was quite sweet.


She was Trevor's best friend in season one. I don't know if they still know eachother. I suppose they do. He wanted something more with her but I don't know the outcome of that.