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XLR8 Your Mac Great source for Mac news, info, upgrades, and hacks.
Mystic Room Get your overclocking how-to's here. Lots of pictures.
Open PPC project Noble cause. Information on the effort to bring an open PowerPC standard to the desktop.
MRP Macintosh resource page. A must read.
AppleInsider Rumors, gossip and sometimes insider information. Impressive forums.
Arstechnica Informative PC enthusiast site. News, rumor, hacks, how-to guides, and reviews.
slashdot 'News for Nerds. Stuff that Matters.' Infamous forum. Wide scope; technology, computers, nano, science, politics, etc.
HNN The hackers news network. News, hacks, cracks, and other shtuff.
Plycon computers Rare and hard to find hardware for overclocking and system building.
UGeek Online technology resource. Computer oriented news and information.
Colorcase Where I got my case.

project links

tak's Yosemite to PC case conversion

How-to G3 to ATX guide on XLR8yourmac

Zap2 Yosemite conversion. japanese site

Geert Uytterhoeven's CHRP/PPC page

Claus H°yer's past PowerPC hardware projects

How to fit a Voodoo5 in a Powermac 6500 by Tiong Chen

Color Classic hacks by Stuart Bell

The iMac Rackmount Project by John May

Boby MacBrain's Mac hack projects

The Mac clock chipping page at Berkeley

The iMac floppy disk Hack at c't

Add a light to the puck mouse

CCSCC (Club for Creating the Strongest Color Classic)

Put a 1.44MB drive in a SE, thanks Chris Adams

Tom's Hardware Hacking Horror Umax SuperMac and misc. hacks.

Deep Inside Macintosh Andreas Kann

Mac 512K user group and G4 in a ColorClassic page

Information on the MPC7450 (G4+)

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news & updates

March 19, 2003 2:14PM EST
Variation of the iPhone with a Fastap keypad.

3.8" height
1.6" width
~.75" thick maximum

March 18, 2003 4:43PM EST
My concept of the iPhone. Enjoy.

There is built-in bluetooth, a Firewire port on the side, a 5GB iPod drive for music/storage/voice recording/etc., a 3" color screen, scroll pad on the side, lithium polymer battery, and on screen keypad. The shell is metalic.

4" height
2.5" width
~.75" thick maximum

A little wider than a SonyEricson T300.

February 7, 2003 1:46PM EST
Back to Beige? It would be if Paul Scates had his way. This beauty include a floppy drive, legacy Mac ports, and System 7.1! Nostalgia up the ying yang. Oh and did you dig that rainbow logo? Nice touch.

January 31, 2003 1:15PM EST
Here are some pics I made in Illustrator showing my idea for a low cost PowerMac cube.

Here are some features:

  • Side ports for USB, Firewire, headphones.
  • Perfect 9" cube. Sides made of clear polycarbonate with white backing while front is aluminum.
  • Base is a 11"x11" sheet of clear polycarbonate with the corners bent downward about 1.5" to act as feet.
  • Internally, above the CD bay is one vertical 3.5" hard drive bay, leaving room for an internal power supply.
  • Below the CD bay would house the motherboard.
  • The heatsink would be positioned near the back where a fan would blow out the heat. 3 full size DIMM slots would allow for up to 1.5GB RAM.
  • An AGP slot would be to the right of the CD bay on the motherboard seeing as a 9" cube will allow about 1.5" of clearance for an AGP card. The left side would house a PCI slot.
Here are some pictures:

Front view

Rear view

Alternate base

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