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Ah, movies. This is a section where
I supposedly will introduce people
to my favorite movies, mabe any movie
I watch at all.

As you might notice from the different
titles I will mention, my tastes
differ, but the favorites almost allways
involve "intelligent" stories. I admit
the most interesting feat I see in a good
movie is the way it makes the spectator
have to understand it as it goes. No
passive blockbuster lobotomizers here,
you will have to think your way through them...

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  2. Table of contents
  3. My favorite movies
    • Dark City
    • The Game
    • The Matrix
    • Twelve Monkeys
    • Fight Club
    • Arlington Road
    • The Others
    • ...
  4. Movies I recently went to see
    • The Matrix Reloaded
    • The Hunted
    • Johnny English
    • The League of extraordinary Gentlemen

All-time favorite Movies

File#04001 Dark City Data access 045100-B

Movie Overview

  1. Starring: Keifer Sutherland, ...
  2. Synopsis
    A man wakes up, amnesic. He lies in a bathtub. He knows nothing at all about his identity, but soon learns his name: J. Murdoch. In a room next to where he lay, he finds the corpse of a young girl, spirals drawn all over her body with her own blood. He sets off, police on his tracks, and soon is pursued by tall, dark men who apparently want his death. In his flight, he notices strange things happen to him, reality seems to twist. Will the strange and mysterious psychotherapist he meets give him the answers he seeks? Where is he? What is he?
  3. Opinion
    A dark, eerie, but very stylish adventure, Dark City takes us into a universe of its own, and brilliantly relates the story of a man on his quest to find himself, only to realise the impossibility of his goal. It can be read at multiple layers, each of which has its own interesting stand-points. At first the spectator wonders where he is, as the movie doesn't seem to give any clue, but in the end, of course, you understand the whole since everything had been said from the opening scene. Its immersiveness, graphic quality and solid scenario make this one a must-have.
File#04002 The Game Data access 045250-C

Movie Overview

  1. Starring: Michael Douglas, ...
  2. Synopsis
    Here is the story of a very rich banker who lives a monotonous life, bachelor, with the world in his hand, and mostly bored. He subscribes to a most peculiar game he had never heard of, overhearing people speaking of it in one of his clubs. On his way home he finds what he mistakeds with a body and is in fact a marionette. The news speaksman on television speaks directly to him. Things go from unusual to strange, to downright alarming, when the next day he is almost killed in a car accident. Everything he just had so under control slips away and he becomes the victim of a great machination...
  3. Opinion
    More darkness here, deeper, more impressive. The gut-revolting suspense almost made me hate this movie, because you cannot turn your eyes from it, since you have to know what happens next. Its vision must have been the closest experience possible I've had of paranoia. It gets all the more brilliant as it goes, and the end is simply amazing. Whereas I didn't see multiple lecture levels as inFile#04001, it is still a highly entertaining and intelligent divertissment, you have to follow wholly to fully comprehend.
File#04003 The Matrix Data access 045275-D

Movie Overview

  1. Starring: Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburn, Carie-Ann Moss, ...
  2. Synopsis:
    Mr Thomas Anderson. By day, an ordinary employee working in an computer company. By night, a hacker, guilty of almost every possible computer crime there is, obsessed by one single question: "What is The Matrix?" The movie starts with a phone call, followed by a deliciously surreal fight/ flight of a dark-clad girl, who fights off single-handed a police division. The story then switches to focus on the aforementioned, who calls himself Neo by nighttime, and is awaken by his computer, who tells him to "follow the white rabbit". A minute later, someone knocks on the door, and, subreptously noticing it tatooed on an inviting girl's elbow, decides to follow it. What follows is for you to discover, but I'll warrant you already have.
  3. Opinion:
    The Matrix is one heck of a ride. The special effects are sweet, as is the scenario, on a storytelling point of view. The movie can be resumed in one word "impressive", or maybe four words: "very very very impressive". Its choregraphies and special effects are nothing short of beatiful, in a dark way. The story developpment is very impressive, and its one of these movies you have to see twice before you know you've understood it properly. It also boasts philosophical stand-points and questions that, if undoubtably there, aren't that much developped, and rather left to the viewer to gather and (or) elaborate himself, so every person will have his own point of view on that side of things (but then again, concerning philosophy, nothing diverges more than the opinions of anybody). The breathtakingness emanes from various interesting feats of the motion picture, but all-in-all the impressiveness fo the scenes you witness takes the lead. Another "must-see".
File#04004 Twelve Monkeys Data access 045300-F

Movie Overview

  1. Starring: Bruce Willis, Brad Pitt, Madeleine Stowe,...
  2. Synopsis:
    2035. Humanity lives underground. The surface is unhabitable by human beings. They have been eradicated by a selective ilness set loose around 1996, that destroyed civilization. Cole, a prisoner, is chosen to go back in time and inquire on the so-called "twelve monkeys", believed to be the origin of this mass-murder. On his arrival, Cole, a tortured being who dreams since his youth of a poignant murder scene that traumatised him as a child,( is led to an asylum where he meets Jeffrey Goines, a madman who knows something about the Twelve Monkeys.) As he himself questions his own sanity,his psychiatrist starts to believe in him, evidence comes up, and messages are sent through time, he tries to come up with a plausible identity, and in some way to rid himself of all his bad dreams.
  3. Opinion:
    A sci-fi movie with quite a psychological twist, this one. A story with many twists, a first-rated acting from

Recently seen Movies

File#04008 The Hunting Data access 045750-H

Movie Overview
  1. Starring: Tommy Lee Jones, Benicio D'ell Torro,...
  2. Synopsis:
    An ex-marine decides to kill all animal harm-doers. As simple as that.
  3. Opinion
    This is Rambo, only worse. The only good reason for viewing this one is that after having viewed 2 Fast 2 Furious you most certainly will be so numb you will be in a fit state for this one. Of course, if you don't see the aforementioned, there is no particular reason. Try killing any friend of yours that actually invites you to a screening. I may be a little hard, it's not that bad, of course, but everything in this movie has been seen a thousand times before. Tommy Lee Jones with a beard might be a good reason for all women to vow celibacy, no harm intended. The movie is full of stupid impossibilities and seems to be a great patchwork filled with holes. It's lame.

File#04009 Matrix: Reloaded Data access 045775-Q

Movie Overview
  1. Starring: Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Ann Moss, Laurence Fishburne,...