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Friday june 06, 2003

Another fan fiction in the FF. Actually, the sequel to "dangerous distances". If you wanna check it out, go to the FF section, and click the link at the bottom of the page. Yepee.

Monday june 02, 2003

Long live creativity! I have none. In the middle of my exams, I find nothing else to do than to update the movie page! Well, actually, I do, I just do this when I'm tired as hell. Oh, whatever. So you can just go check out what I thought of your latest discoveries (tm) on the screens! Go ahead! Click!

Friday may 30, 2003

I just wanted to add an update to the news page really, there's nothing to it actuaaly. I completed a few bits and bobs of pages here and there... I did try to go a little further with the movie section, though.

Wednesday may 28, 2003.

Very first update to the brand new page! I decided, to perfect my lousy html skills, to add a page concerning movies. I plan on eventually reviewing a few of them some day ;-) It's available in the menu.

Tuesday may 20, 2003.

Aha! Brilliant! I finally managed to understand something to Javascript!
What say you of my brand new menu?
I reorganized stuff around, made links dead, but haven't deleted pages yet. I'm so friggin proud of this website! I know it has no design at all, but that will eventually come around...