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Pyro Missions...

                Mission 1 .

place: pyrogenesis I bar


    The view from the the stations bay windows  is most extraordinary: as your witnessing a sunset upon the outer ATMOSphere of Nesre Secundus IV brings back to you the very same tickle of emotion as when you boarded your first spacecraft to set a course for the stars. Unfortunately, 8 p.m. is also the time at which the Pyrogenesis working staff finishes its day. It is in a rather cowded, but sincerely jovial bar that you manage to fray yourself a way to a seat, and hopefully a little drink.
    A few moments later, while sipping ayour Merrolian cocktail you cannot help but overhear a conversation between two green-clad officials. A red-faced man is waving around himself in fury.
    "It is very urgent on the contrary! This flight could well mean the success of the whole operation." Gis taller interlocutor nodds calmly: "Well, let us not overreact, besides, there is nothing to do about it, since we have no ships available for the transport..."
    Since you are a spaceship captain, you wonder whether you would propose yourself for what appears to be a simple flight.   
   Shall you walk up to these characters and offer your help?

        => Y/N

    You walk up to the officials, introducing yourself as a might-be helping hand. The taller man greets you and introduces himself:
    "My name is [Bob Beefburger], as you can see I work here for Pyrogenesis weaponry manufacturing. I am in charge, with my friend [Jonnie Runner], of the maintenence of the skyminig facility. Might I ask your name?"
    The smaller red-faced man gives you a squint eyed glare as you tell them you are [cap'ns name here], hoping that they've heard of you you somehow. [Jonnie Runner] boasts:
    "Never heard of him, would you care us minding our own business for an instant now [Bob]?". [ Bob ] pauses an instant:
    "I think we could use your help, [cap'ns name here]." [Jonnie] looks disgusted.
    "I don't think we really have a choice", says the taller man, and with a gesture stops his colleague from outwitting himself, then he turns towards you:
    "You must understand these are very unusual circumstances, we have our own fleet, and don't very often seek help elsewhere, thus my colleagues reaction. Still, we need a small delivery of goods from Syracuse in the Galvan system. Since you are not from Pyrogenesis I will give you this pass; you are to show it to our contact on Syracuse. He will be waiting for you there. This is an urgent errand, so you will need all haste you can get, so I shall spare time myself by saying good-bye and faring you well..."
    You quickly finish your drink, and having taken leave of the two men, your pass in your left pocket you head for your ship.

        => OK


    Having run through the post-fight routines of your [Shipname] you head out of your ship and are greeted by a curious-looking man. He asks you in an uncertain voice whether you are [cap'ns name here], and is reluctant to speak to you untill you show him your pass. He explains he himself works only for Pyrogenesis, and having business contacts with someone "not from the house" is an extraordinary experience. Hearing this you wonder how exactly extended is the company within the federation, and how much you never thought it was so great. The worker calls otu and he and a few of his friends load the cargo aboard the [Shipname]. He bids you farewell, and something in his gaze tells you that you won't know from him what the exact content of the magnetically sealed crates is. You head back to your pilot cabin and start the engines, course set back to Pyrogenesis I.

        => OK


    As you land back on Pyrogenesis, you are greeted by [Jonnie Runner], his face is redder than ever.
    "I don't know what got into old [Bob]'s mind when he asked you to help, but he was obviously out of his mind. Our affairs are big enough, and not to fit the size of every amateur. Still, I see you have done a good job. While the cargo is being unloaded, a little sum is being added to your account. As we said earlier, we don't need help from unwanted strangers, but if ever a situation of urgence like the one we encountered was to be seen again, and I mean 'if ever', we'd rather have some help from someone we know can do the job right. I'll be seeing you around."
    From what you gather of the conversation, this little guy is inviting you to help out, and he'll be your main contact.
    After a moment of deep thought, you say to yourself that after all it could be worse, and look one last time at the officials bureau towards which the last crates are being sent.

        => OK

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