Everyone has things they wish they had, so i decided to list some of mine. Even though i most likely won't get some of these, i thought they needed to be acknowledged......

I would love to have one of those little gold men sitting on my dresser, it would look quite lovely actually..... i think i deserve it.

I want my cat to quit getting drunk.

I want to be just like Patsy and Edina when i grow up :)

I want a pet lobster. i think they are cute and misunderstood. they cook them, and that is wrong, but this lobster is red, and they only turn red when you cook them, so that confuses me... a lot of things confuse me actually....

I want all hunting to stop. it is cruel and is inflicting on the rights of all the wild animals out there! anyone who hunts is a murderer!! murderer!!!!

I want the squirls outside my window to quit waking me up in the middle of the night by scratching and chirping and making those other hidious noises that squirls make.

I would like to be on the Weakest Link. i've got a few things to say to Anne that would knock her on her old wrinkled arse!

I want to marry George Clooney... but who doesn't?

I want to own Wal*Mart.

An Original Page by Teri Barnett