SPECIAL UPDATE: Julia Roberts caught smoking a funny hand-rolled "homemade" cigarette! Get the whole story in this week's (Jan. 1, 2002) Globe!

Girls, Interrupted

If you watch ET or any other celebrity news show, you probably know that Winona Ryder got arrested for shop lifting at Sacs 5th Ave. well, you would think the girl would have enough money not to have to shoplift. but i guess that just goes to show that all of hollywood is filled with people who have mental illnesses, in the case it was kleptomania, or however you spell it. and another thing, what is up with some other celebrities? let's take julia roberts for instance... she never does keep the same man for very long, and now they say that she is nothing but skin and bones (even though she has been that for the last 10 years....of course Mystic Pizza was an exception). they said she was stricken with guilt because she stole her current boy friend from his wife and tore their family apart. i guess that after benjamin bratt dumped her (he was one of the smart ones) she just couldn't stand it so she had to ruin some other woman's life. i'm glad he dumped her, he deserves someone who will treat him better and not just make empty promises about marrying him, and then go run off with george clooney. and i'm sure that george wouldn't have her either, so that just made her feel even worse. she got an oscar (which i have to admit she earned) and got a big ego, and then got a slap in the face. thank god! she needed it.

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