My Life May Suck, but It Sucks Good

February 9,2002
Hot cops and dead fish

today terry rollins and i drove around norton and got a new fish for me cause one of mine died. we went to wise and drove around and we got some icecicles and i licked them. he found that amusing. then we cruised through big stone a little. then i saw the hot cop and we went to the gas station and i got a fanta and looked at his ass then went home. it was nice....his ass that is. well, toodles for now my fellow amigos.

February 17,2002
Hookers and Italian Food

oh gosh. yesterday terry rollins and i went to johnson city and it was just great. first we washed our cars and drove around and went to see mark who was doing some yard work. then we went to johnson city and first we went to petsmart to look at the pets and they had some pretty fish. then we went to fazolis (spelling?) and i was hyper and i had spagetti and meatballs and i kept eating my meat balls seductively and saying "i just love these big meaty balls" and then we went to cruise and we picked up one of terry's friends named brandon who was so cool! and we cruised around with him and we talked about a bunch of stuff which i probably shouldn't put on here, and we saw some ugly hookers and a man in a blue hat who was trying to pick me up. it was hilarious! we cruised around for about 2 hours it seemed and we left johnson city and got some gas and i got home about 11. it was a great day~!

February 11,2002
Mantic Monday

Well, today me and terry rollins had a lonnnnnnng discussion about the big S word. Sex. lol. it was a long and very interesting conversation. we also went to wal*mart and i got this ugly fish, but i love him because he can't help it. his name is Mark Stidham after my hair dresser. lol. some people know who he is, some don't. oh yeah, today terry and i went by "the house" and "the person" who lives there wasn't home. :( maybe next time. terry and i also went rollerblading and we made a little spy/scientist friend. lol! oh gosh, this week just gets better and better!

Terry - key words to remember:
movies, roof, gatlinburg "getaway", laughing at inappropriate moments, 4 times makes you a ho, and gosh...... so much more!!!

February 10,2002
Sunday without bordom..... this is new to me

Today was just so great! it was the best weekend i have had in FOREVER! me and terry rollins went to kingsport and johnson city and it was absolutely fabulous! hehe. i mean seriously, it was great. we talked about stuff and i think we could actually black mail each other now. lol. i am so hyper! gosh, this is just the best i have felt in a long time. thank you terry for amusing me! i hope everyone else enjoyed their weekend as much as i enjoyed mine! also, i watched the last episode of Sex and the City for this season, and i thought it was great. they really did good on it.

February 9,2002
IRK ME BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aggression - it irks me

February 9,2002
A great day to be alive

gosh, today was just the best day ever~!! first off me and gabe went rollerblading, and he is just a doll! then terry rollins informed me that he knew where mr.s lived, so ofcourse he had to show me. then we went to norton wal*mart and got my fish a decoration for their tank. then we went to shannons to eat and cruised around a little then came back throught appalachia and back to bsg. then we went back to norton in his car and back to norton wal*mart then cruised back through norton and some people cut terry off and he got *aggressive*. then we drove through appalachia again and took some pictures then i got home around 10:45. today was just a good day.

this sentence discribes my day perfectly:

M. irks R. but with aggression. B.C stops cracker babies and lets you irk at the drive-in without worrying. G. is sweet but could kill if needed. And no, babies do not live on the track.

Terry - I can get my own B.C. thank you very much! lol! and no, G. would not say what you said he would say, but if he did then i guess we would irk. :D

February 1,2002
Under the Sea

Welpers. today terry rollins and i went to the pet shop after school and i got 3 new fish. i named them Sally Field, George Clooney, and i have yet to name the last one. they are lovely fish. also today, we went to eat at pizza hut and we ate a p'zone. don't get those. they aren't worth it. then we went to norton wal*mart to look around and stuff. it seems like we did something else. but i don't know what. i think i will get up at 6 in the morning and go rollerblading. it is so fun to rollerblade early in the morning because there is no one out and everything is so peaceful. right now i am listening to some really crappy 70s music so i have to change it. now it's good 70s music! gotta love those oldies. my puffer fish David Letterman isn't eating and i'm worried about him. he just looks at his food (which are live fish.. i know.. yuck) and then swims off. oh well, i tried to feed him. then i have my gold fish John Fox Jr. who is a hog and prevents the other fish from getting food. he's getting fat and the other fish are going to starve, so he needs to straighten up. well, i'm going to go and find something to do. Toodles!

January 23,2002
The Rain Gets Me Down

Today was a good day, except that it rained all day. terry rollins and i went to norton wal*mart at about 4:30 and then we went to wise. we drove around a little and then i came home about 6:45 and took a nap. i woke up at 9:00 to watch Sex and the City. everyone is saying that we are off from school tomorrow because of the rain, and some schools close to us are closed. i hope we are closed, because i don't want to go to school in the rain. well, toodles.

January 21,2002
Cruising Through Norton

Today amanda neal and i went to norton and took some funny pictures. we went to kmart and took some of us in buggies, in trash cans, with funny clothes on, and holding funny toys, stuff like that. we also went to see curtis and john. john is so cute! he is just an adorable little teddy bear! hehe. there were two girls there that scared me and amanda though. they looked mean, and i don't think they liked us, so we just stayed out of their way. we were on snow schedule today, so that was good. we will probably be on it tomorrow too. i uploaded a couple of the pictures tonight, and i should have the rest uploaded soon. today we had a sub in mrs. garrison's class, and that is about all that happened at school. over the weekend i saw terry rollins on sat and we went to wal*mart for a bit. then i saw belinda because she came in from richmond. tomorrow i think amanda and i are going back to norton to see curtis and john. i will update later! toodles!

January 18,2002

Today i updated my page! i think it is cute, and i am already planning my next update! the next one should be ready by the end of February. today terry rollins and i went to norton wal*mart and bought some fish (featured on the 1st page of my site) and i named them Blondie and Lucy. they are pretty. right now i am talking on the phone with jason, and watching channel 10 - the southwest's source for information. hehe. also, today we were out of school because of snow. we are suppose to get some more snow, yah! i hope we are out of school monday too! who knows! toodles

Here are two gifs i made today:

January 13,2002
An Apple A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

Bonjour mon amie, today is sunday, and i am once again at home. i'm thinking about going out or something, anything is better than sitting here on the computer. I am watching The Judd's lifetime movie, and it is alright. i just got off the phone with jason, and he was getting ready to get on and work on his homepage. tomorrow i have to go to johnson city for a doctor's appointment, and then i will probably go to the mall. well, i'm going to see if there is anything i can do to make this page any better!

January 12, 2002
No More Live Journal

Bah Humbug. Just because a cat has kittens in the oven doesn't mean you can call them buscuits. Don't question me, it's been a long day. Nothing happen that was good, ok.... one good thing, no, two good things, ok, THREE good things happened today. ugh. FOUR, and that is final. First off, i saw layla today, and we exchanged Christmas presents. late? yes. but so what. then amanda neal and i went to norton and hung out where we saw something fabulous! hehe, then we went to wal*mart and cruised around then i came home and, golly gee...... updated my page! it need it bad. so i guess all in all this day wasn't so bad. but i have officially *dumped* my live journal and started my own because, well, because i can! so up yours live journal, (they sent me an e-mail saying that one of the coments a "certain" friend left was inappropriate) i've taken it upon myself to make my own, as sucky as it may be, and i don't need their services any longer :)