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Welcome to the MUPC (messed-up people's club). We are currently looking for new members to make our club the best that it can be!

The Officers we have are:
President - Teri Barnett
Vice-President - Jason Stipe
Secretary - Belinda Hartsock

MUPC's Members
Skye Waddle
Terry Rollins
Amanda Neal
Kim Mabe
Micheal Robinette
Amanda Cooper
George Bowling
Nathan Smith
Sister Mary Catherine of St. Vincent's Cathedral
Sarah Chandler

Our club name clearly states that ANYONE can join. No matter what "problems" you have had in the past, you are welcome to join our group. All you have to do is fill out the application below, and press send, and you are on your way to joining the best and most complete club on the web! thanks Teri and Jason


1)What is your name?

2)Why do you want to join?

3)Why do you think we should let you join?

4)What is your age?

5)What is your e-mail address?

6)Where do you live?

7)What do you like to do?

8)Are you male or female?

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