I have opinions about movies, and i intend to express them.

Jeepers Creepers Pet Semetary You will never be lonely
Legally Blond Almost Famous America's Sweethearts
Serendipity Bridget Jones'Diary Erin Brockovich
FoxFire Conspiracy Theory Now & Then
Pretty Woman American Pie 2 Eye for and Eye
Blair Witch Project RHPS Steel Magnolias

Jeepers Creepers 01/27/02
This movie starts out great! it is filled with suspense. but then..... it just goes down hill. basically it is about a brother and sister coming home for sping break and they see a man in a scary truck (the only thing scary in this movie) who is dumping bodies into a big sewer pipe. they have to get involved ofcourse, which lead to one of their deaths (i won't give it away, although i don't advise actually giving up your time to find out which one dies). i don't know why the felt they had to get in this man's (who was actually a bird like thing - no, i don't get it either) business. i would have just went on home, and left him alone. sure, he was killing people, but that is just another reason to leave him be.
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Pet Semetary 01/27/02
yes, this is an old movie, but i thought i would review it anyway. i love this movie for 3 reasons: it's funny horror, not sad horror, like the movie above. it's one "please don't kill me after i run up the stairs instead of out the front door" away from being cheesy, so therefore it saved it's self... barely. and, it has a scary person in it who isn't the killer. put those all together, and you have Pet Semetary. it's old, there's a sequal, and it has the guy from the munsters in it. so go rent it.
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You will never be lonely 01/27/02
This movie will be on TNT on Wed so i will have it typed up soon~!
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Legally Blond 12/26/01
Going into this movie i didn't think it would be too good, but after watching about 45 minutes of it i realized that it was. in the end i actually kinda enjoyed this film. it is about a rich girl who goes to law school to try to win back her ex b/f who broke up with her because she wasn't serious enough for him. i guess it is worth 3 bucks.
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Almost Famous 12/26/01
this movie has been my favorite movie since i first saw it. it is about a young boy who's dream is to become a rock writer and he travels with this upcoming band called Stillwater because he is writing an article for rolling stone about them. this movie is just too good to really even describe. kudos to Cameron Crowe who directed this film, he did a marvously job, and i truely enjoy this movie no matter how many times i see it.
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America's Sweethearts 12/26/01
this movie is alright, and worth your money. it stars julia roberts, billy crystal, catherine zeta-jones, and john cusack. it is about the most famous hollywood couple in america (jones & cusack) who have broken up but have to go promote their last movie together. roberts is the assistant/sister to gwen, and crystal is her press agent.
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Serendipity 10/14/01
Although this movie kept me interested all the way through it, i must say that the basic plot of this movie has been used many times, and nothing but the characters and setting have been changed. The movie was worth my money, i suppose, but i would wait to rent it if i were you.
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Bridget Jones' Diary 10/14/01
Well, the dialog in the movie is basically nothing but the diary of a woman who is overweight, has no sex life what-so-ever, and sleeps with her boss who wants her for nothing more that sex because he has a fiancee and Bridget is nothing to him. Well, Bridget Jones is someone i would feel sorry for in that "i only pity you because you are making your life shitty and if you had a more possitive attitude at life and love maybe you could get someone who actually loves you, and doesn't just want to use you for sex while he is planning his life out with anothing woman" kind of way. I wondered all through this movie why she didn't try to turn her life around instead of drowning in her own pity. She wasn't ugly, or disgustingly fat, so if she even remotely tried she could have gotten someone. They have those dating services which pair up people like her, and i'm sure there is a guy out there that could have loved her for what she was, it just might be awhile before he gets ground privalages at the men's pshyc ward.
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Erin Brockovich 8/21/01
First off i must say that this movie was one of my favorite this year, and that it also won Julia Roberts and Oscar, and i can see why. her perfomace in this movie was amazing, as she played a divorced mother of 3 who fought a huge corporation by herself, and won. erin brockovich never gave in, despite what everyone around her was telling her, she didn't give up on trying to get justice for those who had been harmed from the corporation's contaminated water. after doing months of research and putting her life into this case, she won $33.3 million, the largest amount ever awared in a case like that. she kicked ass, and sometimes you have to do that. she stood up for something she believed in and had enough convidence to achieve the impossible. and as for julia's performace... they don't give out those little gold men as constalation prizes, you have to earn it, and she did.
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Foxfire 8/21/01
i love this movie! it is a movie about 4 highschool girls who don't know each other, yet come together when a teacher begins to harrass some of the students. they beat the teacher up with the help of a mysterious outsider (angelina jolie), who becomes their friend, and they begin to rebel from school and from their parents. they soon get caught up in their rebellious ways, and become wrapped up in a situation which could be the death for all of them. it is a movie about life, friends, freedom, and bonds that last a lifetime.
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Conspiracy Theory 8/21/01
I have to admit that this movie completely confused me the first time i watched it. maybe it was just me, but all those conspiracys just got all jumbled up in my head and by the end of the movie i was a little dumbfounded by what was going on, and who was who. but, once i watched it again and actually listened, i understood the movie, and found it quite interesting. it is a hard movie to grasp if you don't pay close attention to the characters and where they come into the story. if you do pay attention though, you will find the movie complex yet brillantly written. if you like action movies, and are looking for a movie to rent, rent conspiracy theory. i really enjoyed this movie (once i understood it), and i think you might too.
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Now and Then 8/21/01
This movie is about 4 girls who have the summer of their lives. it is a perfect movie for those who want a movie that they can relate to by looking back 40 years, or 4 years. adults and teenagers alike will enjoy this movie because it is truthful, and humourous. i watch this movie over and over and enjoy it more every time. it is the perfect movie to gather in front of the tv with a bowl of popcorn and enjoy with the whole family!
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Pretty Woman 8/21/01
Now i know you have heard of this movie. Julia Roberts and Richard Gere(before he got old and wrinkled and was still hot) star in this romantic comedy about a hooker with a heart of gold. the story line is simple: a rich and successful business man meets a struggling prostitute one night and begins to fall in love with her. sure, it would never happen, but it makes a good story, and it did make Julia Roberts famous for a reason. this movie moved me the first time i watched it, and it still does, no matter how many times i watch it. i really enjoyed this movie, and i think that anyone who likes romantic comedies will too. Roberts and Gere work good together, which only helps the movie even more, making it one of my favorite movies. go rent it, if you haven't seen it you will enjoy it. if you have, then go rent it anyway, it's a classic, and classics are made to watched over and over!
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American Pie 2 8/20/01
God love 'em, i know they tried, but they just didn't hit it on the mark, at least not with me. Now, most of the people in the theater found this film funny, and that worries me. I always considered myself "advanced" because i grew up around adults and don't find most of the silly things that my friends find funny humorous. First, lets look at the obvious: it is a teen movie about sex. ok, that right there should give you some idea of the consistancy of this movie (must i mention Road Trip?). and another thing, the scene that had most people laughing (and some actually hooting) was a scene in which Jim (the main character) glued his hand to his penis while masterbating. now, of course they couldn't leave it at that. this little "accident" happened while he was watching a movie called "pussy palace" and reached for some lotion which in turn was, you guessed it, superglue. So then he goes over to the vcr, his free hand covered in superglue, and takes the movie out to the vcr. ok, that in itself is enough, but no, they had to go further. next, he calls 911 and askes them how to get superglue to loosen up, and they tell him to use paint thinner. so, he goes out on the roof because they were painting the house earier, and the cops pull up, and of course you can figure it out from there. i know most of you out there who will read this will disagree with me, but so be it. this movie was sad. and i want my money back.
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Eye for an Eye 8/18/01
I had never even heard of this movie until i was in the video store contemplating weither or not to rent a well known movie, or just go with the first one i picked up. well, i decided i would rent Dead Man Walking (i fine film) and i saw the title of this film and picked it up. Now, Sally Field is a wonderful actress and she happened to star in this movie, so i rented it. The movie is about a woman (sally field) who is trying to get even with the man who raped and killed her 17 year old daughter. She first follows the killer around and decides that since the court didn't give her justice, she would have to do it herself. She plans to shoot the killer and finally get revenge for her daughter. It is an exellent movie, and since it is old i only paid 50 cents to rent it, so i would guess it won't cost that much for you to rent it. if you are ever wanting to see a movie, but can't decide which one to rent, rent Eye for an Eye. it is worth your money and time.
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The Blair Witch Project 8/17/01
this one is long because this movie stirs up feelings of pissyness and distroughtfulness (2 words i'm not even sure exist)

This movie was not too good, but you have to give them credit because they got your money, most likely, and millions of other people's. The stick man, no, that is just a poor excuse for horror, but the witch, yeah, you can go on that, and for quite awhile actually. Basically, this movie had a little humor in it, but they were going for horror so that right there tells you something is wrong, and the fact that some sticks and stones scared the shit out of 3 kids, makes you wonder if what you are seeing can actually be called "horror". No, it falls more into the humor catagory, but be that as it may, it seemed to scare some people, and it is their choice, but if i was them i would not admit it. Now the witch not appearing in the film was kinda a let down. I was expecting someone to at least float by or something to let me know that there was suppose to be a witch, not some kids just wonder around in some woods, then getting lost, and then, to top it all off, under the circumstances, going into a house in the middle of the woods, in which a witch (that sounds funny) is suppose to live. (i know that was a run on sentence, but get over it) That frightens me, because have we become such a corrupted society that we break under the sign of pressure, and forget that in a horror movie, the LAST place you want to go is in a creepy old house in the middle of the G D WOODS??? Maybe they blanked out under the witch's spell, but i never saw a witch in that whole movie, so i refuse to believe there ever was one. I guess Heather was so confused that she ran screaming into the house because god knows why. If i was her, i would get my white ass out of the woods and somewhere warm where there was food. I would be worried about starving before i would worry about some witch who supposably haunted the woods and died a long time ago anyway. Basically, what i am trying to say is, well, i don't know what i want to say, but it would be something along the lines of:
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The Rocky Horror Picture Show 8/17/01
This movie has attracted a lot of people as fans, and some people who should be locked up, but are still allowed to roam the streets day by day threatening the lives of america's citizens while the government does nothing about it. I was a little off subject there, but stay with me. I like this movie and i find it very funny. I especially like changing the lines in the movie to something a little more "tasteful" (i use the term loosely, very loosely, we are talking MC Hammer pants loosely). This movie may not appeal to others, but that is their oppinion. and they, like I, are entiled to it. But i say you should see it.
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Steel Magnolias 8/17/01
>I like this movie, i like all of the actors, and i like the plot. The movie is about a group of southern women who come together during hard times, and help each other pull through and become stronger. Now, i don't really guess this is something original, and it isn't something that catches your attention, but i still recommend you rent it. Most people have probably seen it or at least heard of it, and if you haven't it is probably because you are one of those people who likes those action movies with no content, which in most cases i despise, but anyway. i think this movie has a certain southern charm to it, and although it is a sad movie, it is the only movie i have watched that made me laugh and cry at the same time. it was excellent, and worth your money to rent.
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