Preliminary Questions:

1) Were you born within 5 years of 1984?
yes no

2)Do you say 'wash' or 'warsh' (like someone from the South)
'wash' 'warsh'

3)Do you know how to tie a tie?
yes no

4)" " " " " " your shoes?
yes no

5)Do you believe in God?
yes no

6)Translate: Yo quiero Taco Bell

7)Do you shower regularly?
yes no

8)Tourists are stranded in a small boat. They can't swim. You can only rescue a few at a time. In which order would you rescue these people:
a man
his daughter
a woman holding an infant
her son
Grampa Joe
Grandma Joanne
teenage guy
a priest/minister/rabbi/bishop guy
man from IRS
Explain why.

9)Is it better to give a woman a simple heartfelt card or an expensive vacuum cleaner for Valentine's Day?
the card the vacuum

10)Can you swim? yes no

11)You are heterosexually oriented, right? I already asked if you're a guy but just thought I should get this matter straightened out before you get farther through this.

12)What is your favorite color?

13)What is my favorite color? (hint: think sky, water, North Carolina, my bed and curtains..

14)How many wisdom teeth did I have B4 I got 'em out?

15)Am I blonde?
yes no

16)Am I a blonde?
yes no

17)Would you hug your mom in public?
yes no

18)What will your wife do on Super Bowl Sunday?

19)Children are:

20)Have you ever spoken the words, "Yes, sir" ?
yes, ma'am nope

21)Does your name begin with a letter in the alphabet?
yes no

22)What do you say after someone says, "Thank you!" ?
you're welcome yeah

23)Do females consider it an honor to be referred to as 'woman' when asking her to do a favor?
yes no

24)Rate in the order which you would obey:
Values/Moral Principles/Religion
Government Law
Parental Guidance
Societal Expectations
Pressure From Friends

25)Is it important to keep a family together?
yes, very yeah, kinda

26)Have you ever taken drugs?
yes no
not even ibuprofen?

27)Do you spell my middle name Elizabeth or Elisabeth?

28) a. Do you have hair?
b. What color is/was it?

29)Money is...
the root of all evil handy to have around all in your imagination essential in large amounts

30)If you don't do pro sports, or after them, what would you like as a career?

31)Would you have a problem with your wife being a professional pleasure worker? (dancer, corner worker, etc)
yes no

32)Ok now, seriously, would you actually marry one?!
yes no

33)Will your wife work?
Yes, she can work, I'll stay at home
No, a woman should stay at home
If we need the extra income
Up to her

34)Can you tell time from a face clock? (not digital)
yes no

35)What is your favorite quote from a chick flick?

36)How many reindeer does Santa have?

37)How do you eat your pizza?

38)What is the saddest thing you've dreamed?

39)What is the scariest thing you've dreamed?

40)What is the weirdest thing you've dreamed?

41)Judging from the above, should I reccommend a local psychiatrist?
Please, it would be a relief! No I like being this way

42)You die and wake up in Heaven (we hope). You get your choice; spend the first million years on a snowy mountaintop or sunny beach. Which do you choose?
Snowboard! da beach!

43)Have you ever broken any bones?
yes no

44)What size shoe do you wear?

45)Complete the sentence: The ideal wife would be...
a model my best friend my little sister I'm going to be a monk I don't care as long as she has $$$

46)Which type of icecream cones do you like better, the pointy sugar cones or the flat-bottomed type?
sugar cones the flat type

47)How many of you would it take to screw in a lightbulb?
0: I'm too big to screw in a lightbulb
:P 1: I'd stand there and the world would revolve around me
many: takes a lot of jocks 2come up w/enuf brains 2do something hard like that.
different #

48)How do you spell Czechoslovakia?

49)The nicest thing a friend ever did for you was...

50)Have you ever been on TV or the radio?
yes no

51)Do you spend a lot of time in front of mirrors?
yes no

52)In ten years you see yourself...

53)What is the capitol of Mexico? (hint: not Spain)

54)What DO guys want for birthdays, Christmas, V-day, etc?

55)How many letters are in Brooking's zip code?

56)Would you prefer to go to the beach and see 2 sexy chicas --who hate you--, or 1 sexy chica who loves ya?
the two the one

57)Who have you ever been the most mad at?
Parents Sibling Friend Coach Teacher Government

58)a.Spell my last name:
b.(extra credit) What SHOULD my last name be?:

59)Do you like answering machines?
yes no

60)Can you cook?
yes no

61)Are you any good at it?
yes no

62)Three birds are sitting on a fence and you shoot one. How many are left?

63)How many twelve apostles were there?

64)Have you ever been surfing?
yes no

65)If you have, (the ocean type, not Internet/channel) will you teach me?

66)Does my family own a ranch on the north side of the Winchuck River + part on the south bank that we have family reunions on and go camping every summer?

67) What is the worst thing I've ever done?

68)And how, many I ask, do you know about THAT?!!

69) If I were on "Who Wants To Marry A Millionairess?" would you do it?
yes no

70) Translate: Me chocan los platanos rosados.

Explain any answers that need explaining below.
Also include free sample info, marriage offers (I'm good for a limited time only while supplies last!) bribes, random praise, and your credit card number below. Thanks. For the credit card #, I mean.

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