This page is for my best friend Terry, because he has helped me through the tough times (meaning obsessive, baby, and well, "pool" and "library" times).

Oh gosh, were do i begin.........

(Top ones are newest!)

the flood


hanging out with mark

Resource Officer Doug Carter

bopit, bopit, twist it, bopit, twist it, pull it "harder!!!"

them making a slave out of that chinese girl

you "abusing" me

am i obsessed with gay men? you betcha!

screaming "cunt" out the window

those hos trying to start something

"you know that it's tha shit, you'll get lots of tit, greased lightening!"

"Wal*mart isn't the only savings place"

my rims.......clean....there is a god

us "seeing" cooper in town

i've got gossip, sex talk, and cross dressing, what else could a girl ask for?

i got the burping down!

that guy in the red car...ew


"i like to put things in my mouth"

"orgasmically hot"

"Jesus was gay"

"absolutely delicious"

pointing your fingers foward while driving

my twigs are growing

screaming sexual things all the time

marcel getting mad cause we supposably irked

me almost losing my money

"Mr.T" and "Cousin It"

hit me if i cuss

that rainbow triangle sticker


That girl that laughed in Spencers

"Breathalizer" and "Catholic School Girl Gone Bad"

Those 12 year olds

That guy in the white truck thing


me dumping all my fish food in the tank

My grandmother


my disurbing poetry

i'm a little ditzy, i'll admit it

my cootie(cunt) brown's shirt

the elf christmas song

"mirror mirror on the wall, damn i sure look fine"

the cows flying in twiser

cher, and she is NOT generic!

according to me, if you are gay you have to love:
Bette Midler
Boy George
and Elton John

*in funny accent* "fanta, fanta, fanta!"

i will NEVER clean my rims!... well, maybe one day....

"Whacha doin'?"
"eatin' chocolate"
"where'd ya get it?"
"a cow dropped it"
"where'd he drop it?"
"in tha sewer"
"what do you call it?"
"cow manure!"

"tounge guy"

me- "ihop"

"ass lovin' guy"

me- "something that looks like that shouldn't be directing attention to its self"
you- "that is going on my page!"

you -"he wants to stick his tounge in your cunt"
me- "i've never heard you say that, and i don't want to ever hear you say it again....... cause it's PUSSY, not cunt. Get it right!"

vibrating brush

"It's about Germy"

that pretty little corvette

"can i see pedro?"

"fish juice"

blowing up that condom like a balloon

sticking the bread stick down my throat

you- "don't honk at people like that"
me- "it's not like i'm going to f*** them. oops! i mean.... it's not like i'm going to have sex with them. no! wait! it's not like i'm going to have f-word with them..... i mean it's not like i'm going to f-word them!" (it takes me awhile to get things straight sometimes)

"i'm going to start pronuncicating my words right. i mean pronuciate!"

"where's that damn injun at?" and "wonder what's under that skirt of his?"

cunt brown's

me- "cunt, pussy"
you- "teri!"


me- "if it was guaranteed to be the best sex of your life would you have sex with *someone*?
you- "i don't care how great it would be, i would never have sex again before having sex with *someone*!"

you- "you cunt!"
me- "just because i have one doesn't mean i am one!"

"double L with a line in between"


"heeeeeelllll no! biach!"

that scary man "attacking" me

me- "are my boobs like 'oh my god!' big or are they 'nice' big?"
you- "they are 'nice' big, but that girl back there, her's were 'oh my god' big! Ew!"

me- "don't look at my bra!"
you- "it's not like i haven't seen it before, you leave em lying around all the time!"

you- "are you kinky?"
me- "yeah."
you- "hand cuffs, whipped cream, chains..."
me- "chains? now i ain't into that!"

"he's cute as long as he stays at least 20 feet away!"

I stole this from jason!!!


you grabbed my uterus

"baby think it over"

cheating on fanta

"What did he say to you?" "He said, he smelt my c***."

i'm going to steal josh!

Brazilian bikini wax

Humping around(my d.)

you brighten up my day :D

our weird dreams

Cootie Brown's

our fort

the gay pet store

"Is that a dog?" "no, it's a gopher."

Thelma and Louise

"I can't believe that you are graduating, not that you're dumb or anything."

Laughing at "wrong" times

"I'm talking to Red."

The hot cop

One Eyed Fiona

You *finally* driving my car

Can i have sex in the back of your car?

Grant.....and the TW


"Shake what your momma gave ya!"


"I love _____. No, i don't love him. Yes i do! No, i shouldn't love him. But i do, but not like that. he's gay you know. of course you know, gosh!"

"I want to ride it!!" (i was talking about an exercise machine)

"what are you hiding?? Have you got porn!?"

10 in a week, that's a lot

me drawing pretty pictures in the Pizza Hut coloring book

"he likes his phone because it vibrates"

Brandon: "it's always the short guys."
You: "yeah, i guess so."
(a couple of minutes later...)
Me: "brandon, you said it was always the short guys, but your tall..... So are you not packing much?"

me- "Terry, drive through the grave yard."
(about 3 minutes later....)
you- "The grave yard?!"

"Terry, i REALLY didn't need to know that MUCH about your...... great, now i've got that picture in my head, thanks a lot!"

My "tag flag"

you telling me how big you *clears throat* is

"Does it rain in China?"

"YES!!", "OH BABY!!", and so many more.....

Mrs. Carico and her *almost* getting killed

The kid she was babysitting! he was so cute, and so.....

"I wish I had a swing like that in my backyard!"

Johnson City Hookers

Meat Balls

How i almost died when we were listening to that irk me like an animal song


T & T Award of Excellence


The man in the blue hat

The Ghetto

"Take me, take me now!"

Oprah : "On new years eve you turn dick on"

"Don't hit my butt with that spoon"

"Sporty?? Yes I Am!!!!!!1"

"Is access a word?"

"The baby didn't live on the track"

"Irk Me"

Aggressiveness isn't good

B.C. at the Drive-In

Amanda working at Pizza Hut

R. is a whore

"I'm gonna getcha"


Mary's Gentlemen

my fish getting the fungus

we found the house!!!!! (ok, YOU found the house.) :D

"I don't care, IT DOESN'T MATTER!"

locking your doors in the "dangerous" parts of town

hot pink mustang?

my mother and her tendency to be "inappropriate"

When talking about sex - "terry, i don't even want to get into this with you."

"i don't mind holding this between my legs" (it was a drink, so anyone else who is reading this don't get the wrong idea)

"Drive, Drive!!"

Putting your hand over the cup like you were scared when the waitress was giving you a refill

Gum on the seat

Mark, ah......

Trying to steal the smiley face thingies

(looks up and jerks head back) "Huh?"

Buddy Lester

that fish from norton wal*mart we snuck in.. think back.....

(hand movements) "It's how you say.... BON!"

stalking people

Cool boarders


Pictures to come soon!