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Top Story by Dustin
Austin's Back and a Kane Detector

RAW just finished and Austin is 50-50 GM with Bischoff. Whoever called it, congrats. This will flop, I feel, but we will see.

RAW, overall, was good and I am glad to see Goldberg is already rebounding from, what I am told, was a bad Backlash match. Keep on trucking!

Finally, I mentioned a Kane detector. What that means is I have found out whether Kane will win or lose a match. Want to know how I know?

If the ringpost pyro goes off before the match starts, then Kane loses. If it doesn't, he wins. Thanks to Dave F. for that, he noticed it. And, so far, it is 100% accurate as of the last eight weeks.

Until later, I'm out. - Dustin

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  • Week in History

    Week In History for April 27-May 3. 
    By: Matthew Russell

    Title Changes:

    -On April 30, 1977, Superstar Billy Graham beat Bruno Sanmartino for the WWE Championship.

    -On April 30, 2000, Rock beat HHH for the championship.

    -On May 2, 1996, Dean Malenko beat Shinjiro for the WWE/WCW Cruiserweight championship.

    -On April 27, 1984, Wahoo McDaniel & Mark Youngblood beat Jack & Jerry Brisco for the NWA Tag Team Championship.

    -On May 3, 1992, Steiner Brothers beat Arn Anderson & Bobby Eaton for the NWA Tag Team Championship.


    -May 2, Rock.


    -On April 28, 2002, Lou Thesz dies.


    For the week of April 30, 2001:
    SmackDown! 3.7
    Sunday Night Heat: 1.7

    -On May 3, 1999, Raw beat Nitro 6.5-3.1.

    For the Week of April 29, 2002:
    SmackDown!: 2.9
    Excess: 0.9
    Sunday Night Heat: 1.3


    -On April 29, 1999, WWE airs a special called SmackDown! on UPN. It scores a 5.8, beating out ABC and WB. SmackDown! would later come back as a regular show.

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