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Famous drummer


Ben Pollack

Born Jun 22, 1903 in Chicago, IL

Died Jun 7, 1971 in Palm Springs, CA 

Ben Pollack was the leading drummer in early Chicago style white jazz. By 1923 he was playing with The New Orleans Rhythm Kings, and in 1926 he formed the first of several jazz oriented dance bands that gave musicians like Benny Goodman, Glenn Miller, Jack Teagarden and Bud Freeman important exposure early in their careas. His 1927 recording of WC Handy's "Memphis Blues" displays his innovative cymbal technique. Pollack kept organising bands until well into the 1960s, but remained frustrated that he did not receive the rewards as "The Father Of Swing". Depressed by a developing heart condition, he hanged himself in his bathroom in Palm Springs in 1971.



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