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Famous drummer


Vinnie Colaiuta

Colaiuta's talents were obvious from an early age. After Attending the Berklee School of Music, he worked with Frank Zappa (1978) and then performed with Joni Mitchell for several years. 

Vinnie settled in Los Angeles in 1983 and worked for seven years as a very busy studio musician. 

In 1990 he went back on the road with Sting and in 1994 had his first record date as a leader, the self-titled Vinnie Colaiuta on the Stretch label.

Vinie has also worked with

Dean Parks

 Gary Grant

 Brandon Fields

 Tom Scott

 Dann Huff

 Alex Acuņa

Michael Fisher

 Phillip Ingram

 Jimmy Johnson

 Randy Kerber

 Russell Ferrante

 Larry Williams

Vinnie apears on the following

Philip Aaberg Upright (1980) 
Christina Aguilera My Kind of Christmas (2000) 
Air Supply Vanishing Race (1993) 
Peter Allen Not the Boy Next Door (1983) 
Angelica Angelica (1997) 
Jann Arden Greatest Hurts: The Best of Jann... (2001)
Asia Aura (2001) 
Rick Astley Free (1991) 
Patti Austin Real Me (1988) 
Steve Bach Nice Moves (1990) 
Claudio Baglioni Io Sono Qui (1999)



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