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Approaching Companies




YOUR SKILLS - Page 4/7

Mailing your résumé to selected companies sometimes produce job leads - about 5-10% of those looking for work find positions this way.

There are two types of  positions available:

Current Opening: This is a vacant position and needs to be fulfilled. Most of the time it is previously occupied.

Created Opening: This is a position which is yet to be established. A new job may be created once the company recognizes how you can make meaningful contribution or they may modify the existing structure to find a spot for you.

The people you know and your industry knowledge are helpful in deciding which companies to put on your target list. In addition, look in the yellow pages, industrial directories, chamber of commerce membership lists, annual reports and business magazines.

It makes sense to develop a long list of potential employers, then subdivide the list into "Prime, Rifle and Shotgun" groups.

Prime List

These are twenty or more of the most promising companies that may have a position for a person like you. Research each company, write a customized letter and follow up with a personal contact.

Rifle List

These companies have potential, but are not a high a priority, as those on the Prime List. Do not spend much time researching or customizing letters for this group. Do not plan to follow up with a telephone call.

Shotgun List

These companies are long shots that are unlikely to have job openings. The attitude here is summed up by "it can't hurt to ask" and the approach is "Send 'em and forget 'em". Generally, you will not follow up with these companies. 

Now that you are done with self assessment, lets proceed to the Skills page and find out what skills do you have