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YOUR SKILLS - Page 1/7

Welcome! You have come to the right place to start your job search most efficiently. This will require to be persistent, not losing hope, follow the timetable you'll made for yourself and go through all the procedures of job search.

Remember, to be persistent is the most important thing is your job search. Losing hope in the middle of your job search will not get you a job. If at any moment you feel depressed of your job search, give yourself three four hours to be depressed but more than that is not allowed.

Also remember that job search is itself a job which requires at least 4 hours daily, five days a week, i.e. 20 hours a week. Don't compromise on it if you are serious in your job search.

Go through each topic at least twice. You should understand each topic completely before you proceed further.

For starting your job search, first of all, you should know what does job search mean and what do you need to accomplish it successfully. Unless you know these all things, you can't find a proper job for you. These things are: 

  1. To know yourself. To know what are you capable of and what can you offer to an employer.
  2. To be clear about your skills.
  3. To be prepared to discuss your personal accomplishments with potential employers
  4. To know how to tell about yourself to employers. This mainly includes writing an impressive résumé, cover letter, making calling cards and making telephone benefit statement.
  5. To know how to establish a personal network.
  6. To have telephone skills.
  7. To know how to appear in an interview.

Following is a self assessment form, which will guide you how much prepared you are for your job search. We'll start our program from filling up this form.

Click the arrow in down-right corner of the page to go to self assessment form page.

Self Assessment