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Welcome to HONEY-MILK...
i need to find a name most suitable for this new link showing sweet looking faces..
and finally yesterday during an outing to far east plaza, the name HONEY-MILK struck me!
Yes! Honey milk will do!

[WHY STOPPED PRODUCING 'gurl-watchin @ aM^ingEn'?]
hmm-- ok. i realised that it was going so off-track...
i must as well start a brand new, well organized new link..
and this is it! i did consider taking the pictures from gurl-watchin cos there're several good pics there too.

Welcome to HONEY-MILK...
actually, this site lives on because i need to show myself i can produce something which not everybody can do.
that i'm not totally useless.. and i'm not gay?
i've more guys visiting these links, but there're gurls too..

firstly, this site is managed all by myself. and i'm not so talented in either flash or java.
so i had to search for new stuff to attract visitors..
also inclusive of spamming in mIRC channels and getting kicked out or banned.
secondly, its freakin difficult to find pictures of fully clothed gurls who are pretty and not-so-famous.
Ermm-- if i'm not wrong, i believe nobody's reading this stuff...
... so i shall stop here, enjoy the previews!

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