Macworld Boston 2004 Derrick Story

The best of Derrick Story Session on Digital Photography in Macworld Boston 2004.

MacWorld User Conference Session

Derrick Story's Session

Reviewer: Paul Gerstenbluth   (

Derrick Story wrote the book, 'Digital Photography Hacks.' He shares various tips, tricks and view points on making Digital photographs.

The Pro Comes Back with the Shot

The importance of always having a little digital camera with you is important. The best camera is the one you have with you. Therefore, you need at least two cameras. One you always carry and the other for special theme photos.

Derricks Story Gets Technical

Your little camera should have a pocket tripod. You can also have a 'Pillow Pod' that you can shape for holding your digital camera. Also, you can buy a mono pod for when you cannot use a tripod. Noted: Mono pods with a digital camera were used throughout Macworld presentation by photographers.

You can use iPhoto to make digital two to four minute slide shows. You can use image capture to download Quicktime movies. The importance of changing the pace of your Quicktime movie keeps the movie interesting.

Derrick Story pointed out that it is better to use Quicktime Pro to trim your movies. Also, it is wiser to add and not paste movie footage into iMovie.

Pro Reaction

Derrick Story's session was stimulating. As a Toastmaster, I noted that Story was an excellent speaker and conference audience appreciated his hands-on approach to taking digital photos.

Con Reaction

The audience wanted more time in the session. Missing was the session handout for the audience and reviews of Derrick Story's books.

Final Notes

I enjoyed Derrick Story's session and I ordered his new book 'Digital Photography Hacks.' from Derrick Press at O'Reily Publisher.