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A J e f f C o r w i n E x p e r i e n c e

Welcome! I hope you enjoy your visit here, because it's one you won't soon forget! Take a look around this website, what I think, is by a great Jeff Corwin fan!

& Updates

8.2.01: I'm working on the page to add new things and do some major changes in appearance , so if it's a little slow, that is why. Stay tune for cool, new stuff!

7.12.01: I added pictures from the party and hope to add more later.

7.11.01: Yes, today is the day! The man turns 34 today and I wish him the best! Soon I will have pictures from the small, but fun Birthday Party I celebrated for Jeff with one of my friends in the Strange things section! Once again, Happy B-Day Jeffie!

7.7.01: I've added yet another link to Check Out the Strange Things I'll do for Jeff page. It is how you can have your own Birthday Party just for Jeff!

7.5.01: I have added a new page Television Appearences and More. Plus, I am now certain on having a birthday party for Jeff. Later I will post what I am going to do, so you can do the same!

7.4.01 HAPPY JULY 4TH!

*Do you like the new beginning? That took me, what felt like forever, to do!

*Quick tid bit: Jeff's birthday is in a week!! Maybe I'll have my own little Jeff Corwin party just for him! You should do the same!

7.2.01: You can check out my funny Jeff Corwin Animation in the Check out the strange things I'll do for Jeff section.

Coming soon!

*How to dress like Jeff in any season!

*A map of all the places Jeff has been in "The Experience."

*My Jeff Corwin Bobble Head! (Lisa~I'm going to add it!)

*Hopefully, I'll figure out how to add sounds Check out some Jeff links~GO WILD!! If you know what I mean.

Please don't send me any e-mail~sorry, but I don't wish to recieve mail from strangers. If you wish to speak to me, please do so in signing the guestbook. You can type in private entries that I will only see. Thanks to all who respect this.

Come on guys, I know we can do better than just one vote like the last poll! Let's get a little response, I just want to know what you think. Maybe this poll will be more exciting.

This week I'm letting you vote more than once a day!>

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