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See You Later Gladiator

The action in the Colosseum

Learn more about the Colosseum and what went inside of it!

Information on gladiaors, the arena, and everything about the Colosseum
Pictures and facts on the Colosseum
Tons of pictures and alot of information on the Roman Colosseum

A Horrible Life For Gladiators

A gladiator has died

One has survived

Senators throwing flowers in the air

Animals spread with fear

Fifty thousand people watching your every move

Your fighting should be smooth

For when the decision has come

It is happy for some

But for others sad

And I think it was truely bad

Back then in the Colosseum, if you were not entertaining as a gladiator and you lost your fight, you could die if the decision is down. I was trying to explain that in my poem above. The poem explains what happens in the Colossem and the fear it used to hold. Though now in the present day we think it is a magical historic place, that startles all are minds!