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vet clinics in the Quincy/Boston area

A song to the tune of"Let there be peace on Earth."

Medicine was born in Greece it is the oldest skill,

Cow sacred in India ,

First vet school in Lydon ,France,

If vet killed pet he had to pay a quarter value!

Let pets be healthy on Earth

And let them be healthy with you

John and Jacob

An insparational story on Friendship

Once an elderly vet lived alone with no friends.This poor vet named John was very lonely.In another part of town there was a nameless stray who would change john's life.The stray was hit by a truck and brought to John for an operation.That operation saved the strays life.But he was no longer the stray his new name was jacob and he became John's best friend.Four happy and wonderful years pasted and Jacob was dieing.He was put to sleep without a struggle and pretty happy.When John died he did it in the same manner.The moral of the story is

Live a full life together because you might not see eachother again.

Learn tips on caring for pets
what happens to your pet when you leave home in an emergency?Come and find out.
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