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Shark Attack!

My Favorite Things About Sharks

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It`s a beautiful sunny day, and your on a beach and the sparkling water looks so refreshing you decide to go in. You swim about 100 yards before you decide to go in when, suddenly you see a dark horrifying shadow beneath you. You swim faster and faster when suddenly you get dragged under water.The shadow was a shark, a Great White shark. You are in terrible pain because the sharks teeth are cluched to your body. Then you relise that the shark is dragging you somewhere. The shark lets go and you swim to the surface. The shore is only 20 yards away! You swim to the shore and scream for help. You are rushed to the hosptal and you are saved. Sharks are very powerful creatures. There are some sharks that look like sting rays and there are some sting rays that look like sharks. There are some sharks that you might not know about like the Goblin shark, the Saw shark, the Frilled shark, or even the Wobbegong shark.