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Philip's Fantastic World of Chinese Music!

Why Chinese Music is Good

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Hey! Do you like Chinese music? Well I do. I am in a special program called the LAB program. I'm doing a program and I chose Chinese music for my topic. I've learned a lot About Chinese music. This is a fun topic and I like this topic. I'm trying to put my best out of this. My teachers, Ms. Joyce and Mr. Rogan are very nice to me. I chose this topic because I wanted to learn more about my heritage.

In my brain I was thinking and I heard music in my brain and I chose this topic. It's a really interesting and fascinating topic. Here's a fact. Did you know that Chinese music represents the largest star on the flag of China? Here is a poem I made up.

Chinese music! Oh, Chinese music!
It's fascinating, And interesting, It's almost the greatest thing on Earth! I think it's the best!!!