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Monica's Flutturing Butterflies

Ways For Butterflies to Defend Themselves

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The Rainforest of Butterflies

We're chopping down trees do we care?

Minute by minute trees begin to fall,

Then you hear the butterflies' call,

Many are lost many are gone,

Now say good bye and so long.

The World of Butterflies

Did you know that the butterflies play an important role on earth? Guess what they do? They pollinate each plant and the pollination helps the plant grow and thrive. The butterflies can also produce new seeds after they carry pollen from plant to plant. Without butterflies I don't think there would be any living creatures on earth because if there are no butterflies to pollinate the plants there wouldn't be any food for the animals, so no living creature would even survive without food? Do you think so? So that is why we must help andprotect all the butterflies from preventing them from becoming extinct.