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Chocolate? Mmmmmmmmm,chocolate

My Favorite Things About Chocolate

take a look at Milton Hershey
take a look at miltons school
look at the cocoa bean

Milton Hershey

Made Hershey chocolates.

Is a caring man.

Loves children.

Tasty chocolate.

Opposite of mean.

Nobody helped his business when he was 29.

Hershey,Pennsylvania was built by him.

Everywere he went he failed.

Really nice.

Sells chocolate for a cheap price.

Hershey Kiss maker.

English men were so impressed they got a huge box of supplies shipped to England.

Year 1945 Milton died.:(

The person who made Hershey chocolates is Milton Hershey. Chocolate makes you live longer. Chocolate is better when it's smoother. In 1770 chocolate increased when the steam engine mechanized cocoa bean grinding. In 1828 chocolate pressing was born. If you want to learn more about chocolate you have to keep on reading.