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The World of Castles

Why I like Castles

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An acrostic poem.

Catapults were used on seige attacks.

Archers were posted on walls.

Symbols were worn on knight's clothes.

Tretbuckets were a very effective seige weapons.

Longbow men were able to shootvery far.

Extra men were in their baracks.

Lions were some on some coats of arms.

Intruments were used in the great hall.

Family members of the royal family were kept safe.

Everyonce in a while a castle would be attacked.

A paragraph about castles.

I first became interested in castles when i was young. I played with castles and knights and i built many castles out of legos. I also read many stories that were set in castles. I learned many interesting things while I was studying about castles. Castle took a long time to build. It could take six years to build a castle and could require as many as three thousand people. Some were laborers and others were skilled craftsmen. Castles were built to defend an area such as a port, a river, a town, a road, or natural rescources like a mine. One of the best locations for a castle would be on a hill, so that the castle defenders could see the invadors comming from water or land. King John of England had over one hundred castles.