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Starry Sky

My favorite Constellations

What are stars? You may think they are lightbulbs, airplane lights, or somet ing else. They are actually giant gasballs with millions of fissions happening in them. Don't be afriad of them or the sun!Oh!I didn't mention the sun is a star, did I?Well don't be afraid of the sun either. did you know that by the time the sun would do anything to us (like burn us to a crisp)we would be gone? Now did I answer your query about what stars are? No? You want to know what star come from? They come from nebulas of coarse! It sounds wierd doesn't it? Read my acrostic to learn about them.

Nebulas are where stars are born

Every nebula is different

But still is made from dust and gas

Unusual enough they are seen only if star or other nebulas make them shine

Loads of stars come from them

A nebula-you may say is a star nursery

This is a nebula above.

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