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The Excellent World of Insects

I chose this topic for beetles, ants,and bees because I became very interested in them ever since I noticed that they bite me and since I see them all over the place wherever I go. I figured out in 3rd grade that there are so many kinds of insects. So now in ELC I finally got to study the

three insects I was most interested in. I was interested in beetles because they were sort of round and big. I got interested in bees because they seem to fly awkwardly when trying to get nectar from a flower. I got interested in ants because they were the most common insects around my home. That is why I chose this topic.

All insects have three> main body parts called the head,thorax,and the abdomen. The antennae,eyes,and mouthparts are on the head. The legs and wings are on the thorax. And the abdomen has the antennae like sensory organs and genital apparatus. They have compound eyes with lenses or less and two or three smaller eyes. Those are some basic facts about an insect's body.

Insect Defences You Should Watch Out For

  • poisonous injections
  • distasteful body secretions
  • attack in swarms
  • play dead
  • camouflage

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