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The Action of the Boston Freedom Trail

The Places on the Boston Freedom Trail

Pictures and Facts about the Boston Freedom Trail

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a map of the Boston Freedom Trail
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I first got interested in the Boston Freedom Trail by hearing people talking about the Freedom Trail. They said it was interesting visiting places that were from the past. That brought the history to the trail. Whenever I walked in Boston I always saw the red line that marked the Freedom Trail. The trail is about 3 miles long. Some of the parts of the places were burned.

I think it's really important and interesting that the landmarks that make up the trail really were in the past.

American Revolutionnary War

Boston Common

Copp's Hill

Dead Men

Eat Lobsters

Faneuil Hall


Hang Criminals

Is very interesting

Junk is not allowed in the Boston Common

King's Chapel



New State House

Old Ironsides

Park Street Church

Queens trade with us

Redcoat Soldiers


Tea Taxes

Ugly things are not here

Very old


X-mas we celebrate

young people died

Zoos have rare animals